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Monday, June 23, 2008

So...here's what Isaac does all day. He's watching Yo Gabba Gabba...and does it with his legs in the air!
moving in for a closer look...
ahhh...now I can see it...or can I...I'm not suppose
to be able to see up close!
oh...now I can touch it...much better!
See what she did...she put the "no no's" back on me...
she's SO mean!
But...I'm still good looking...even with "No Nos" on my arms,
a canula up my nose, fish on my cheeks, and my mouth
wide open blowing out STINKY breath!
ok...so here I am again...just trying to get a closer look!
a little closer...
I'll break my back if I have to...just to get a good view!
we call it the "Isaac butt lift"!!!

He is the craziest kid I've ever seen! He's recovering so well...he doesn't cry...he's kept the no no's on all day and doesn't even complain. He can take them off now. He wiggles out of one, then uses the free arm to pull the velcro off the other one...he's a stinker for SURE!

About the ears...the nurse called me back and didn't seem too concerned, but she did call in some antibiotic ear drops for us to use until our post-op visit on Friday (that's why we're still in town). We meet with ENT at 1:00. Plastics at 1:45, and he has a hearing test at 3:00...then, I think we'll pack up the car and pull out Saturday morning...oh...I DREAD it!

I went to medical records today to get his operative reports and they actually had his immunology labs back (I thought it took a few weeks...maybe they're just SUPER-FLY fast here!)...anyway, they were MUCH better...here's the break down: (these are all t-cells)

CD3 were 498 should be (1500-5400) and are now 1057
CD4 were 433 should be (1000-3600) and are now 921
CD8 were 58 should be (570-2200) and are now 136

and there are a couple of other numbers...but, I don't know what they measure...but, these numbers WENT UP!! That means Isaac isn't on his death bed, that I don't have to make a bubble for him (although, he's still below average, so severely immune compromised still)...but, it just gives me a sigh of relief!!! YEAH FOR ISAAC!!!

I tried taking him off the O2 today...but, he started wretching...so, back on it went. He's such a sensitive little booger!

Mandy is bringing the boys to see us tomorrow!!! I can't wait. I was talking to Eli on the phone today...and I had a reality FLASH...oh my GOSH...I HAVE TWO MORE BOYS! I've just spent SO much time apart from them this year...and all the focus has been on Isaac....I almost wanted to cry. He's such a cutie pie...and I can't wait to show both of them off to everyone here!!!

Well...my little man is FINALLY asleep and I'm just waiting for his feed to finish and I'll hit the hay...

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Samantha said...

LOVE the pictures...he is so stinkin cute! I mean it! Adorable! And he is such a strong little man...I am so proud of how well he is recovering. You are an amazing mommy! Your big boys know you love them and miss them very much...it is very hard when the baby needs extra time.

Love ya lots!

Sarah said...

I can't imagine how you do it with more children... Evan has things here and there but... we only have him. I've often wondered if there was another one at home how it would work. Your boys always seem happy and through your blogging I know very much loved... your doing a great job.

The Portas said...

The pics are SOOOo cute! Any position is ok as long as he can see his show! What a cutie pie.

Those numbers are fabulous!! Oh I'm so happy that he's just barely out of normal range. That is such a huge improvement and such good news for all of you. What a miracle baby you have! Honestly...he's amazing!

I hope you have fun with Eli and Chris when you see them. I bet they have missed you so much! Hope you're sleeping well...xoxoxo

jencooper said...

Oh my goodness - what a smoochy. I am loving all of his crazy positions so that he can see his beloved Yo Gabba Gabba.

Yea on the increased numbers! That is wonderful news! Hopefully they will just continue to climb a little more and creep into normal range.

Have fun with your big boys. I know that they will be so excited to see you. Give them some good loving!!


Vaeh's Blog said...

What is it with kids & having their legs in the air? Vaeh does that all the time! Especially when sitting in her high chair, she'll put her feet on the table & then lean forward & fold over like a sandwich!

Yeah for the increasing numbers! He's getting closer to that 'normal' label! What adorable pics. He's such a nubby little thing that I want to come out there & gobble him up!

Glad you get to see the boys! Its so hard to keep your attention evenly divided when all your kids are healthy, let alone throw a bump in the road in! Hope you have a nice visit!

Lots of luv & hugs!

Colin's Blog said...

Great pictures-love seeing Isaac pictures. Please keep them coming!!

Fantaistic news about the immunology numbers-what a miracle! So happy for all of you that Isaac is getting great news all around.

Grandma Judy said...

Isaas's hands and feet look swollen. Where's the lasix?

He's looking really good. Go get that boy a big screen tv so he can watch his show.

Rollerfam4 said...

I'm so excited to wake up to such good news. I was really worried about the ear. Keep us informed on any news. The pictures are sooo cute! Good job super mom!!

jmckeel said...

Glad to hear and see all is well. Isaac is soooo cute. I do think his haircut looks good! Hope all reports are good on friday. Take care, Abby

crabby old man said...