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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mom gave me a chocolate chip cookie today...
What in the world is this??? A cookie...who eats this??
Well...maybe I can try it.
Do you see anymore cookie?? I see a little under the chin...but, where did it all go??
Do you see my cookie up there??
He licked that cookie until it was ALL GONE!!!!

So....you'd think by the pictures that we're having a good day...well, that would be WRONG! He is SICK! It started yesterday. He's sneezing 2 or 3 times an hour, with snot blowing out everywhere....which I then have to suction or he can't breathe. THEN, he's drooling SO bad that it's just pouring out of his mouth...and I have to keep suctioning his mouth, because yesterday, it was causing him to wretch and throw up ALL DAY LONG. So, all night long....every sneeze...i had suction my little man (and my great hospital snot sucker broke...so, I had to buy one on ebay and just use what we had....but, those hospital ones suck the snot from their brain!!!) And tonight he started coughing...GREAT!

AND...if Isaac wasn't bad enough....Eli's sick too. It's Eli's ears (I think)...so, tomorrow when the doctors office opens..I'll see if my two boys can get squeezed in.

Both boys were feeling so bad that we were all able to lay in my room and take an afternoon nap....boy, did that help!

I'll let you know tomorrow how the appointment went...if Isaac doesn't straighten up...they won't let him go into surgery.

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Mandy said...

Alright Kat... Just go ahead and give us all the doctor that refused to give you meds two weeks agao so that we can all call and say not nice things to her. You have to come out, Seth is waiting for your visit. I really thinks he would rather have you as his mom.

Get the boys drugs and things will be fine.

Krista said...

OH Kathy...you are so deserving of a break. Those boys of yours...I tell you...and I thought LV was dry and you didn't have all those nasty germs.

I sure hope they can squeeze you in...the pictures of Isaac with his cookie are awesome! I love it.

Thinking of you bunches...Hugs

T & T - K&K said...

I'm ordering you a remote that has a time out button. So when you need a little down time to rejuvenate yourself for more rounds...you can do so! Get better guys so we can go play at a new park I found...it's so cool! Hi Joe!

No one leave the house this week so no germs get in..and Sir Isaac can have his very long awaited surgery.
Luv ya'll
Sams Family

The Portas said...

First of all, the cookie pics are GREAT! I just want to eat that kid up.

I'm PRAYING hard that Isaac straightens up so you can get this surgery over with. It will feel so good to get the "little" things out of the way...

Booger suckers...Dan and I found a great one. http://www.nosefrida.com/
They look weird, but they work WAY better than the bulb thingies. We love ours!!!

Get better, Isaac (and Eli, too!)! xoxoxo

Grandma Judy said...

Cute comment Tasha. You can think of some good ones.

I guess Isaac can learn to live off Chocolate chip cookies. I'm surprised he held on to it that long.

Grandma Judy said...

OH, I forgot......


Grandma Judy said...

One more post....
Kat, I blew up the picture of the
ugly face. Isaac's hands are swollen really big. You can just see the fluid in them. What's up?

cindy said...

The cookie pictures are great. Maybe he wants to just eat a good old-fashioned Hershey Bar?

Sending big "get well" wishes for both boys! (is it me or are they always getting sick at the same time??) Kathy...I don't know how anyone but you could deal with all this all the time!

Weird dream from last night....I was at a custoday hearing for someone trying to get their daughter back (no idea who they were, but I think all that had to do with the fact that Steph was telling me yesterday that she thinks I'm going to get fed up with my messy kids, run away, and leave them. So she has one of her friends committed to take them in when that time comes). Then, out of nowhere, NKOTB is the entertainment. And they were on ice skates! All of a sudden, Joey turns into a vampire, comes into the audience and bites my neck. No..I am NOT doing any kind of street drug...just thought you'd appreciate the little story!

I'll check in later to see what the doc says!

Lots ya!


Colin's Blog said...

Oh no-Eli & Isaac are both sick??? You boys better behave for your mama!! Good job with the cookin Isaac-cookies are good!! Pretty soon you'll be stealing those out of the cookie jar!! Get that boy healthy for that surgery (poor little guy). Keep us posted on the dr's appt.

jmckeel said...

Oh Heavens, look at that MESS! At least he decided that it wasn't soooo bad after all! :) He just doesn't know what he's missing. Sorry the germs are back. I wondered if Eli's and Sto's would slow down now, with being out of school?! Maybe things will continue as scheduled for next week. When were ya'll suppose to be leaving? Abby

jencooper said...

Yummy - Yummy!! I can't believe that he ate a whole cookie! That is awesome!

I hope that he is feeling better today....and Eli too!


Vanessa said...

Look at him tear up that coookie! I wish he felt as good as he looks. I'm praying for a quick recovery for both boys. Like you don't already have your hands full, you poor thing. At least you were able to get a nap in.

Love ya,

Vaeh's Blog said...

I LOVE the messy cookie face! With Vaeh not "eating" normally, when she does eat something I just love the mess!

Hopefully things get straightened out & the surgery goes off without a hitch! Praying that all goes well...

Kelly said...

Ugh! Both at the same time? Gesh! You'd think with that warm weather in Vegas that it would cut you a break. I hope they are both feeling better soon!

Love the cookie pictures! That boy will like food sooner or later! =)

Get some rest Mamma!