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Friday, June 20, 2008

Well...good morning. YOU KNOW there was no sleep in this hospital room last night! I stayed until about 4am and then Joe took over so that I could go and sleep.

He's not too cranky...just looks miserable. They did finally come by and take that stitch out of his tongue...but, we aren't leaving today because the tongue is too swollen (they don't want it to block his airway). They are starting him on steroids to help with the swelling. I asked why the tongue was sooo swollen...well, they didn't just clip his tongue, they cut it and sutured it in place in the back! (not sure exactly what that entails...but, I'll carefully read the surgical report when we are discharged.) He's tolerating his pedialyte great...so, we'll slowly add his milk later today. His arms are a little swollen from the "no nos"...but, I've taken them off, massaged them, and haven't put them back on (he's keeping his hands away from his mouth).

And yes...I forgot...they did put tubes in his ears also...
So...when we leave Stanford, he'll have: new cheeks, new tongue, new palate, new ears, and his fancy new glasses! What a productive two weeks!!!

AND...I've dropped his O2 down to 1/2 liter...so, he might surprise us and not need it after all!!!

OK...I'll be good and post again tonight! (maybe even with new pics) Thanks for checking in on us!

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Rollerfam4 said...

Glad to hear from you, I've been checking every ten min. I like that you took off the no no's one less thing to bother him. I can not believe all the things they did in one surgery! You and Joe are super great parents, we all look up to you. Take care eat some more Mexican food, and get some rest. We love you

The Portas said...

Wow, you are definitely getting some good stuff out of the way. That must feel sooo good. I hope the tongue swelling goes down quickly and that you can get out of there!

Need more pics! And how are the other boys behaving? Hugs and love being sent your way. xoxoxo

Grandma Judy said...

When can he have a popcicle?

Colin's Blog said...

Great news about the O2! Poor little guy-hope that swelling goes down really soon. And-hopefully everyone sleeps better tonight. It is so awful sleeping in a hospital-all those machines beeping like crazy and the nurses tune them out I swear!!

Heal fast Isaac so you can all get home!!

Sarah said...

Glad to hear things are going well... we'll continue to pray.

Michael, Patty and Sophia said...

"AND...I've dropped his O2 down to 1/2 liter..." This made me chuckle.
We are always doing this with Sophia. It always seems once she is on the O2 no one will turn it down. Even though her sats are often the same with or without it. So we turn it down a little each time we get a chance. Then they are always surprised to see her sats holding with little or no O2. Probably because they don't remember turning it down.
wishing Isaac a rapid recovery...you are all in our thoughts.
Best wishes

jencooper said...

Wow - Isaac is a new man!! I hope that he is feeling better today. I can't wait to see new pics of the little man!!


Vanessa said...

This is really tearing me up inside. I'm having a hard time thinking about Isaac going through all of that. He is the strongest little man I know. I'll check back later.

crabby old man said...

I"m thinking of You in My prayers. It's hard for me to explain.For I've never seen much less held Isaac & Matthew ,but I do dearly love those two BABIES

Samantha said...

I hope that you are getting some rest. Isaac is such an amazing little boy! I am so proud of him and how well he fights through every hurdle that he has to cross. He is an amazing little man with an AMAZING family!

Love ya!