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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This was sleeping beauty yesterday
(those are little elephants on his cheeks!)

This is little Isaac bouncing and watching his tv
(they don't have tv's in the rooms at RMH...but,
that's fine...he doesn't mind the little screen)
Notice the cow...it's the flashlight I bought yesterday to
see the inside of his mouth (it MOOs everytime you turn it
on...he looks at me like I'm crazy pointing it in his mouth!)

He can STILL touch his toes (even with the No Nos on)...and
those toes can even FIT into his mouth!

Look....he can even bend his leg
(he's getting a little fancy on us!)

What are YOU looking at??
I don't know Isaac...what are YOU looking at??
(I hope his glasses are ready before we leave...he NEEDS them
to tame that crazy eye!)

SO...I have TWO important things to tell you:
FIRST...the nurse called me back and told me not to worry about the stitch. If it didn't bleed, and I don't see a hole inside of his mouth...he'll be ok to see on his Friday visit (thank goodness!)

Second...Isaac hasn't POOPED in a WEEK! He's been working on it for two days now...and he just isn't having much luck! So, I went out today and bought him pear juice and a baby laxative...but, I just gave him both and NOTHING...
I'm AFRAID when he finally goes...that's going to be some ROTTEN poop...you'll probably smell it all the way to TEXAS! (sorry guys!)

Mandy's bring the boys to me tomorrow...and I can't wait!!! It's perfect timing, they're doing "kids cooking" in the afternoon, and kids crafts at night...and Friday we'll do something before Isaac's appointments. AND...it's time to start DE-ACTIVATING them...they think they're on PERMANENT vacation...and Eli is actually suppose to be in school right now..he's skipping!!!
(they can't kick you out of kindergarten...can they??)
just joking....I "pre-arranged" it all...he's good!

Hope everyone had a good day!!

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jencooper said...

He is such a cutie tootie!! I am loving his new pictures. We have that same cow flashlight at our house....thank goodness the batteries have finally died!

Ahhh -- Gracie has been working on it for a couple of days too! Tomorrow they may be lean, mean, pooping machines. I will put my nose plugs on!

I am so happy that they boys are coming to be deprogrammed....good luck with all of that!


Kelly said...

You're getting closer... I hope you get to go home on Saturday morning. Have fun with all your boys tomorrow! What a great sister you have to help out like she does. What a blessing.

Take care!

Mandy said...

Don't worry. Just give the pear juice some time and it will work. I'll just tell Chris that Isaac waiting for him to get there.

The boys are all packed. Toys, snacks and all. And yes, we did work on SOME school work. Eli just wants to play games instead of school work. And since I put the batteries in Wall-E, that's all he plays with. I even had to watch Wall-E while Eli was taking his nap today.

Dan is going drop the boys off so I'll see you in October. (Seth is off track the whole month.)

Rollerfam4 said...

Hey Kathy
Katie didn't poop for 10 days after she was born. I tried everything and what finally worked was a baby suppository. Its like a little wax stick you get at most any pharmacy. I used that and she was pooping in like 10 seconds.

Vanessa said...

Thanks for the picture! He is such a cutie pie. I'm so going to have to take a trip to Vegas to smooch on that little man.

I'm so glad to hear the nurse wasn't concerned. I'm glad the boys are coming to hang out with you guys. I'm sure they will enjoy the activities at the RMH.

Get some rest Kathy!

Vaeh's Blog said...

I LOVE those pictures! He should be a model. Its like he poses when he sees the camera! My girls are the same way. Usually Vaeh cocks her head to the side with that silly little grin!

Glad the nurse didn't seem concerned about the stitch. Although I think all us heart moms are "nurses" in our own right! As for the pooping thing - we ended up having to give Vaeh and enema a while back (pre OHS) to get her moving. It took about 5 minutes & the dam broke loose! I had towels everywhere just in case! (lol) Hopefully you find something that works for the poor little guy.

Hope you have fun with 'de-programing' the boys. I'm sure they'll just want to keep on with that vacation mentality. Praying all goes smoothly on Friday & you're home soon!

Squeeze that cutie patootie's cheeks for us!

The Portas said...

No poop in a week! Owie, that must not feel too good on the tummy. They sell prune juice mixed with apple juice that works like a charm. Pear juice is good though, too.

I'm so glad you get Chris and Eli back today! Your boys are going looooove on you! Have a great day. Thanks for posting the pics. That little man is such a little cutie pie. xoxoxo

cindy said...

Well, at least when I smell something really rotten around I'll know where it's coming from!! :)

Good luck trying to entertain the big boys EVERY SECOND for the rest of the summer when you get back home! They will be soooo spoiled and be looking at you all the time like "OK, mom, what do you have planned for us to do now??"

Love ya!


Grandma Judy said...

Isaac is saving that poop for his trip home. What a good way to mark HIS territory!