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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not much to report today. Isaac didn't sleep very well last night...we was having trouble swallowing all that saliva that he's producing! Mandy brought the boys to see us today...I MISS THEM TERRIBLY! Thanks for bringing them Mandy!

OH YEAH...on the way to the store, Isaac took off his No Nos...and when I got there...2 minutes later, there was a STITCH on his chin! A STITCH HAD FALLEN OUT!!! BUt, there was no bleeding...so, I hope it was just already dissolved and ready to come out. SO...like the bad mom I am...I have to call the nurses AGAIN and ask If I've harmed my baby (well...he did it...I just couldn't reach him in the front seat!)

He just knows how to wiggle out of those things and then get the other one off....they are NO MATCH for MASTER ISAAC!~

We don't have any plans for tomorrow...so, I think we'll try and sleep the day away!!!

oh..I am SO READY to get home!!! Here's hoping my little man didn't mess up the incision...and we ALL sleep good tonight!

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Mandy said...

You make it seem so simple. You were freaking out when you saw the stich. Come on!!

Thanks again for everything. And now that you told Eli he can come back, he's ready for me to drop him off. We still have to go to Chuck E Cheese again. Come on.... we need to keep him. You can have him Friday.

Vanessa said...

Mandy your such a great sister!!

I would totally be freaking out if I was you. I hope it's nothing serious. Since he wasn't bleeding I'm thinking it was ready to come out too.

Hope you guys have a relaxing day tomorrow.

The Portas said...

I'm so happy that you got to see your other boys. I bet they miss Mama and Isaac!

I am sure the stitch was ready to come out and that everything will be fine. You guys are all doing great. I hope you got some great rest last night (actually, you're probably still sleeping as I type this....sending you good sleep vibes..) and that you have a good day!


Vaeh's Blog said...

Glad that you were able to see the boys! I know that being away from Gabby, even for just a heart cath that's overnight, is murder on my... let alone being gone so long! Just a couple more days & you'll be HOME!!

I'm agreeing with everyone else - the stitch was just ready to come out! And I can only imagine how that little contortionist gets out of his no-no's! I'll bet its a site to see!

Sending sleep vibes along with Megan so that you have a nice restful day! Take care & give that cutie pie big squeezes from us!

Grandma Judy said...

If you had strings in your mouth, you would find a way to get them out too! Just goes to show you how intelligent he really is!

I'm surprised Eli didn't stay with you. I know he misses his MOM!

Get some rest girl. You will be home before you know it.

Colin's Blog said...

Yeah for Isaac giving everyone trouble!! I always knew when Colin was feeling better because he started fighting back and taking things off.

Glad to hear your family was reunited for the day. I can't imagine having other children and going through everything that you have with Isaac. You take it all in stride though. They seem like wonderful boys-very mature so I'm sure they have some understanding that Isaac has needed a lot of extra time over the past year.

Hoping that you will be going home soon!!!

cindy said...

So glad the boys got to see you & Isaac. I'm sure it made Chris feel good to see his brother is still his crazy little self!

Hang in there...not much longer now!

Love ya!


jencooper said...

Awww - I am sure that the boys were so happy to get some mom time!

I know that the stitch was just ready to fall out. Hang in there! Let us know what you find out!!

Sending lots of love your way!