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Monday, June 16, 2008


It took us NINE hours...with about TEN stops (not really...but, that's what it felt like)..but, we made it!!!

Seriously, there was one time where I had to pee SO bad....we made one stop and there was a BUS full of NUNS! (seriously). So, I wasn't about to wait in that line...so, I stopped at the next clean gas station....and when I walked in, there was a sign on the door that said, "OUT OF ORDER for cleaning!" Now...we're out of this small town, and I had to wait AN HOUR to find another suitable place for to sit my bum on! But...I made it...no accidents...no "side of the road" stories to share!!!

Isaac didn't cry or fuss or SLEEP once! He's so amazing! He just watched Yo Gabba Gabba the ENTIRE time! Eli slept for about half the trip...and Chris talked my head off in the front seat!

I'm going to miss those stinkers! But, Mandy will (hopefully) take good care of them.

***Right now...as I'm typing...Isaac is rolling ALL over Mandy's floor and trying to do the army man crawl to her!!! I can't even believe this!! (and he's trying to lay a stink bomb at the same time...fyi!)

Tomorrow...we'll drive the two hours to Palo Alto (where Stanford is) and try to get to the swanky kids eyeglasses store I found....Wednesday is pre-op.

No worries...I packed the laptop and will update often!!!

and just so that EVERYONE is clear on this....I have the MOST amazing husband. I didn't post a father's day post...but, my dad is amazing...and my Joe works SO hard to make sure our kids have every advantage in this world. (and he's not bad looking either!)
I love you JOE!!!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything. Talk to you soon. Brooke

Samantha said...

So glad you made it safe and sound. Keep us updated and Mandy, thanks for the update earlier!


Love ya,

Krista said...

Yeah...for safe trips! So what's the plan for the week...how long are they expecting you to be there?

Guess all Isaac needed was a little change of scenery in order to get moving.

Thinking of you bunches and sending hugs!

cindy said...

Glad you made the trip ok! BTW...when I have to make my trip to AL next month, can I trade you and take Isaac and you have the Jakester? I am sooo jealous that he is so good in the car!(happy for you, though!:) ) We have to do our trip in 2 days or Steph & I become dangers to ourselves and others!

How funny that Isaac waits til he gets to Mandy's to start moving around! That boy is a little stinker!

Love ya!

Andrea said...

I'm glad you made the trip safely and with no accidents! I can't wait to hook up with you, maybe I can take a break from the hospital and join you at the fancy eyeglass store. See you soon!

Kathy said...

Yep. The little kid loves me. It was great!! I told Kathy she has to bring him back before they head back home.

I'm taking the other boys everywhere these two weeks, so unless Kat changes the password, I'll give everyone their Eli fix!!

We have been "banned" from visiting Stanford, but we may just have to pay an unexpected visit next week. I'm sure if we take Mexican or Olive Garden she'll not be too upset.

Oh..... Kat forgot.... Happy birthday mom!!! We love you. (If you all didn't know, Kat forgets everything.)

jencooper said...

Glad that you made it safely!! How nice to have a good rider!

I will be saying lots of prayers this week. Please keep us updated!

Happy birthday to Kathy's mom! I hope that it was terrific!


jencooper said...

Glad that you made it safely!! How nice to have a good rider!

I will be saying lots of prayers this week. Please keep us updated!

Happy birthday to Kathy's mom! I hope that it was terrific!


Vaeh's Blog said...

Glad to hear that you had a safe trip!
You know now that he's moving, he'll be into everything! Let the fun begin!

Praying that all goes well & its a quick turn around to back home for you!

Kelly said...

Glad you made it safely! Isaac is just showing off... he wants to prove he can keep up with the big boys.

Good luck at Stanford! I hope everything goes well. You didn't tell us about the whole no binkie thing... how is that going?

If you see any of our favorite nurses or docs, tell them we said hi!