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Friday, June 20, 2008

I have taken some REALLY cute pictures...but...the cord to connect the camera to the computer is with Joe...and my STINKIN' -I-phone isn't sending my pics....hhmmm.

So...I'll just tell you how he's doing for now. HE"S GREAT! I was able to clean his mouth and get all that gunky blood off...that looks SO much better. His tongue is going down slowly...he can almost close his lips over it! YEAH FOR ISAAC! He hasn't needed any morphine since noon...just taking Tylenol with codine. He licked some ice cream tonight...and we've started back mixing the milk with the pedialyte and he's tolerating it well!

Our nurse today was AWESOME...and that makes all the difference. (She said we'll get her again tomorrow)...I just hope our night nurse is awesome too! Our roommate got discharged...I hope they leave that bed clear tonight!

The boys went to Six Flags today with Mandy...Eli wasn't tall enough to ride all the roller coasters that he wanted...I sure hope they stuffed his shoes with socks so that he could ride!!!
I miss those stinkers!
Joe should be waking up soon to bring us dinner. BECAUSE I'M starving!

I can't take Isaac roaming around yet...I'd have to drag the IV pole, the O2 tank, and the pulse ox...so, we're just hanging out in this room. BORING! But, I did take the television away from Isaac when he gets cranky so that he will fall asleep...he'll hang on all night if I keep Yo Gabba Gabba playing!

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Vaeh's Blog said...

Such good news that he's doing so well!! Yeah for Isaac!! And ice cream - yummy! Hope all is going well without the pacifier?!

Praying that you all get to go home soon & Isaac continues to do well!

Sending big hugs!

Krista said...

yeah for Isaac...what a little trooper! I can't wait to hear how he does at home! Sounds like you are doing well...and that Joe is behaving himself!
Thinking of you bunches.

cindy said...

Yay Isaac! I'm so proud of you! Glad everything is going so well over there...what a little superstar you have!

Love ya!


Rollerfam4 said...

I am so happy he is doing well. Good job isaac just doing it like a pro. I hope you are getting to watch some Ellen or something and getting yo gabba gabba breaks.
Love you all,

Mandy said...

Yeah for Isaac. Your boys are fine. Look at my blog for the pics. And yes everyone, I spent WAY TOO MUCH MONEY!!! Sorry Kat but I just can't say NO to the boys.

We miss you

T & T - K&K said...

What a little super star. So resilient to anything it seems. It just fills me up to know it's only been a day and he is already making recovery progress and not only but making attempts at yummy ice cream. I had a Root Beer Float tonight and thought of Isaac. Isaac you have truly taken over our hearts and made us all better people just knowing you!

Mandy...would love to see the MM pics. That was my home away from home in the summertime (Valencia location)!

The Portas said...

I'm so glad Isaac is doing so well! What a star! I hope you're able to get out of there, or at least roam around a bit soon.

Don't good nurses make the hugest difference? Sooooo glad you have a good day nurse. I hope your night nurse was great, too.

Give Isaac smooches from me please! Can't wait for the pics.