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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ok...that was a few pics from the last couple of days (I owed you!). It's Isaac in his pool clothes (although, we didn't make it back in the pool this weekend, we'll try again), a few 4th of July pics (notice Isaac and his ear muffs!), and Isaac finally received his new glasses!

We ALL went to church this morning. NOW...I'm not suppose to take Isaac, but...he stayed in his stroller and slept and NO ONE touched or breathed on him. Sometimes, I feel like we just all need to go as a family...and this was one of those times. We only stayed for the first hour...I think we're safe! Isaac did stay off his O2 most of the day...but, then he tried to throw up, so I had to put it back on. Here's how sensitive he is....this morning, his sats were in the mid 90s...and that's ok for him. So, I took him off the O2...but, when he's off it...his heart rate stays high--about 150-160 (when he's just laying around). BUT, when he starts to throw up, he turns blue, his sats fall into the 70s again...so, I put on the O2....and after a few minutes...his heart rate lowers to 120-130. SO, I wonder if it's that increased heart rate for so long that causes his throwing up?? (I don't know...just something I'm going to ask Dr. Mayman about NEXT MONTH when we see him!) The pulmonologist said it's ok to keep him on the O2 (he's only on 1/2 a litre...but, that's just how sensitive he is when I take him off). Isn't that wierd?!?!

Would you like to know another oddity about my little man...he only has four teeth...two on top and two on the bottom...and he GRINDS them now...ALL THE TIME...it's like hearing nails on a chalkboard...it drives me crazy! I have been trying to give him back his pacifier, but...he will NOT take it! I guess he weaned himself from it...but, I need him to chew on something so I don't have to hear that grinding (he's not going to have any teeth soon if he keeps it up!)

My little Eli is doing great. He's turning into the biggest tattle tale in the WORLD...he's always trying to get Chris in trouble. AND he can look at you right in the face and LIE...seriously, people will call on the phone and he'll make up some crazy story about where I am and that I've left him there alone...and keep a straight face and not even giggle. This kid is going to be TROUBLE!

Chris...is mad that I make him go to bed at 9pm when Eli does. (Chris is already out of school...and Eli is not). But, even when Chris goes to bed that early...he still stays in bed until 10 or 11 the next morning! He's turning into such the "teenager"...mouth and ALL!

Isaac, Eli, and I were able to take a nap this afternoon.....it was GREAT! I just "slacked" my day away. I'll save all the cleaning and craft making for tomorrow!!!

Hope you enjoy the pics.....and I'll get back to my daily updates!!!

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Vanessa said...

Those are the most adorable pictures of Isaac! I just want to get in the care, drive up there, and give him a million kisses!

I absolutely LOVE the new glasses. Is he keeping them out of his mouth?

You want to know the craziest thing...Arianna used to grind her teeth too. It would seriously get on my nerves, plus any damage she could be doing. I actually asked her pedi about the teeth grinding and she said that it shouldn't cause damage since it's her baby teeth but she wants us to see the dentist when she is 2 years old, they normally don't see them until they are 3, but since Arianna has DiGeorge she wants her in sooner.

Thats kind of cool that Isaac weaned himself off the paci. I tried cutting Arianna back on hers and with all the new teeth coming in all she wants is that darn thing. If she still has it when she's 2 I'll start pushing the weaning issue more. I just hate when she signs for it and cries until I give in.

Glad you had a nice 4th of July. Loved the pics of the kids.



The Portas said...

The pics are ADORABLE. Look at that big boy! I love love the new glasses.

I think it's great that you took Isaac to church. Isaac is doing great and you can't confine yourselves to home ALL the time. It's good to cautiously get out and let him see the world.

Elijah grinded his teeth for a while, too. It was a wretched, horrible noise, but luckily that phase didn't last long. It must be fun to play with the new stuff in their mouths!

We're super excited to meet you guys this weekend. Can't wait! Tell Isaac to watch out because he's going to get some serious Megan hugs. (I promise I'll wash my hands and I'm not sick!)

jencooper said...

Oh my goodness.....I want to come and smooch on that handsome thing! He is so adorable!!

Ugh - Gracie STILL grinds her teeth. It WEARS me out. That has got to be the worst sound in the world. See - if I come to Vegas - the kids can sit together and grind away!

Ah - Eli. He is at such a fun age. I have a feeling my Bennett might be just like him. They both have incredible imaginations....and funny sayings.

Good luck with Chris. I teach kiddos that age....I know I am crazy! There is nothing worse than that teen-age mouth.

I hope that you are staying sane!! I forgot to mention that I made it to the Disney Store sale also! It was a good one!!


cindy said...

LOVE the pictures! The glasses are so cute...but aren't they supposed to be the "crazy eyes" cure? Crazy eyes WITH the glasses...gotta love it!

Looks like the boys all had a blast on the 4th!

Steph would die if I made her go to bed at 9:00. You're one tough momma! Every night I hear "but it's suuuuuummmmmerrrrrrr"!

Hope you had a great time slacking! You deserve it!

Love ya!


Vaeh's Blog said...

Okay, I'm thinking that there's something with these kiddos & grinding teeth?!?! Vaeh has her one tooth worn down on the side from grinding it! Plus I can still hear her grinding them - the nails on the chalkboard! She hasn't done it since her OHS, though!

I just LOVE those glasses! He looks so adorable with the combed hair & new specs! I just want to love on him!!

Hope you have a nice visit with Megan & Dan! Have a great week!

Tina & Vaeh:0) (Jon & Gabby, too!)