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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Here's Chris (hidden behind his hand) and Eli ready for their
roller coaster ride! (Eli doesn't even look tall enough!)
Here's the beautiful Megan with Mr. Isaac!

Look at him...just lovin' on her!

Here we are...my face is hidden behind all the hair...

here I am...my head is bigger than Megan's...and look at her..trying to see
who's taller! (I think we're both 5 foot even!)

OK....here's Dan, me, Megan, and Mr. Isaac (uh huh...
still lovin' on Megan!)

We made it to church this morning. It was great. Isaac slept in my arms, the meeting was wonderful, and we saw lots of friends! We had cute youth speakers and a testimony meeting where people shared their favorite hymns. One little girl shared one of her favorite ones, "Families can be together forever"...and that just made me tear up. It is indeed that statement that keeps me sane every time we're in the hospital with Isaac. I always know that if something happens to him...that he's always my baby and part of our family...and that we will see him again. I am thankful for Isaac...because he has made us not take any single day for granted. I don't fight with Joe over little things...because, there are so many more important things (but, don't tell him that), and I TRY not to ignore the big boys and do all the silly things they want to do or watch. (ok...no more sappiness...here's how the rest of our day went):

So, we've known that scout camp was coming up. Chris wasn't sure if he wanted to go this year...wasn't sure which age group he had to go with. We've been so busy with Isaac, that we kind of put camp on the back burner. UNTIL last night. We made a few calls...found out that he had to go with the 12-13 year olds (he wanted to go with the 14 year olds)...but, he is ONLY 13 until September (even though he thinks he's 21 already!) So, we found out all the info...the cost, when they leave, etc...but, we weren't going to force him to go. We went to bed with his last words being, "I don't think I want to go to camp". We go to church today...and he changes his mind!!! SO, it's Sunday afternoon...and we have to get packed up for camp because they are leaving at 2AM on Monday morning (yes...that's a mere 12 hours from when we returned home from church!!!) That's my Chris!!! But, we had fun this afternoon rummaging through the house and garage looking for everything that he needs. I'm glad that he decided to go...he'll have a blast!!! (Ok...Joe would say it wasn't fun at all...but, I had fun watching HIM look for things in that messy garage!)

BUT, I had already made a hair appointment for myself for tomorrow (because I thought that Chris would be here to watch Eli and I would just take Isaac). NOW....I'm taking TWO kids to the beauty salon...they're going to think I'm CRAZY! And I am...but, my head needs help!

AND....without Chris this week...Eli will not have anyone to talk to all day but ME! Oh...serenity now....serenity now...I can already see how this week is going to go down! It's a good thing that I don't drink!!! (although, I might have to hit the pepsi bottle a few extra times this week...my nerves won't be able to take it!)

and to Mr. Isaac. He's still on the O2 (all day and night)...but, he hasn't thrown up anymore. The new feeding concoction that I made up seems to be doing the trick (1 oz of water, 7 oz of Nutren Jr. with fiber, and 1 oz of pear juice). He's keeping it down, peeing like a champ, and pooping without hurting himself...YEAH FOR MOMMY!!! He sucked on a few cheese puffs today...but, he's been sweating alot (in my cold house)...and really tired...so, I haven't been forcing feeding time. I can see inside of his mouth (Because I stick a flashlight in it everyday)...and most of his stitches have dissolved! It's just amazing! AND...he loves his pacifier again. He holds onto his rat (ok...it's a hamster)...but, he doesn't let that thing out of his site!

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Vanessa said...

Okay...I'm officially jealous that you've got to meet both Andrea and Megan. :( I wish I could get some cuddle time in with Isaac. He looked completely content in Megan's arms. I think he was just trying to make Elijah jealous. I'm glad you guys got to meet and have a good time.

I think it's great that Chris wanted to go to scoup camp. I hope you have fun with 2 kids at the salon...your CRAZY!!

Lots of love,


The Portas said...

Isaac is SUCH a lovebug! I'm showing Elijah these pics and saying, "SEE? You need to love on Mama like that all the time!"

I hope Chris has a great time at camp. He will! Hoping you all have a good day and that Eli doesn't talk your ear off too badly. :)

Take care, the cute Rollers. xoxoxo

Sarah said...

Thanks so much for your advice... much appreciated!!!

Colin's Blog said...

Ahhh-so cute to see you all together!! I want to come to Vegas to meet all of you!! Isaac looks so big in those pics Kathy. Tell the doc that he was busy growing in length. Colin is 30" long too!! It took forever to get him to grow in length because he is hypothyroid and it went undiagnosed for a long time.

Anyway-glad you had fun and that Isaac stopped throwing up again. Colin's has picked up again (yuk) but, it's really thick saliva.

Love the pics below of Isaac in his glasses-too cute.

Melanie & Colin

Grandma Judy said...

Where are you with that pink background? All of you kids look too young to have babies.

Have a good week without Chris! I know you will miss him!

Samantha said...

Love the pictures...I am right there with the two of you...but I may be the tallest :) I am 5'1.5...maybe? So glad that things are going well.

Much love,

jmckeel said...

Chris sure does have alot planned back to back, uh? Can't wait till ya'll come. Tell Eli to save some things to tell Grandma Judy :)
We are looking forward to seeing you Isaac. Don't give your mama a fit this week. She will have lots to do. Abby

Mandy said...

Hey. I only looked at the pics. We just got in from our "camping in Wisconsin" trip. You'll have to call me tomorrow and tell me everything that has happened in the past two weeks. I'm too tired to read.

Love ya

Krista said...

Yeah...I join in with Vanessa on being jealous...meeting you all will be the best (someday)...although, I'm thinking my 5'11'' self will stick out like a sore thumb!

Hope you have a gret week...i'll have to give you a call and give you a break from Eli! I'm sure Chris will have a blast at camp...I worked at Boy Scout camp for 3 summers...lived in a tent too! Great memories...I'm sure he'll have them too!

Yeah for you and your concoction for Isaac...you're such a great mommy! Sending hugs

jencooper said...

Lucky you!! Getting to meet Megan!

I am so happy that Chris decided to go to camp. I think that he will really enjoy himself.

I will pray for peace for you. Man, we need to live closer together. Eli and Bennett could keep each other company. Bennett says "Hey Mommy" about 968 times a day.

I hope that Isaac is feeling better. Hang in there!


Vaeh's Blog said...

:0( Sorry Isaac hasn't been feeling good, but glad to know that he hasn't thrown up anymore.

I'm so jealous that you all got to meet Dan & Megan! It would be so nice if all of our blog-friends could meet somewhere! Glad you had a good time! And I just LOVE Isaac snuggling up with Megan - what a cutie!!

Hope Eli doesn't talk your ear completely off! Maybe him & my Gabby need to get together - she's always "Mommy"-ing me all day!

Hope you have a good week! Give Isaac hugs from us!!

The Jones Family said...

oh yeah, have fun getting your hair done...if I can do it with three, you can do it!! :) TOO CRAZY!!

cindy said...

The pictures are great. You and Megan "the little people" look like you're sisters! (Ok, I'm making fun of you since I'm 5'10" so you're little to me!)

Chris is silly. Someday he'll be wishing he could turn back the clock and now he's just trying to speed it up! He'll have a great time at camp!

Take lots of deep breaths this week. Everytime you see Eli coming with that "I want to talk to you ALOT right now!" look in his eyes, BREATHE!

Good job with the feeding concoction. You're always right on top of things!

Love ya,


Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

oh my heck..
were the portas in town??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????