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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I don't have a NEW pic to share...but, I don't think I've
posted this picture yet (or if I have...look at it again).
These are his fancy glasses that HAVE NOT come in yet!


I've been slacking again!

I have this CUTE video of Isaac playing with a balloon....but, no one will upload it for me (I don't know how to do it). AND...I can't find my camera...I just haven't unpacked all of our Stanford bags...it's around here SOMEWHERE!

And.....I can't believe you guys don't know what "orders" I've been working on....HELLO....I AM the TUTU QUEEN...I've actually got orders to fill and ship out!!! (Can I get a whoop whoop!)

Let's start with Isaac. He's been VERY CLINGY! It's not like him at all. I suppose it's because he's older and with this recent hospital stay...he's a little scared....but, OH MY GOSH....NONE of my kiddos have ever been like this! It's a good thing that I love him to pieces and I'd carry him around all day if that's what he wanted to do! OH...and he ate a few bites of yogurt today!!! YEAH FOR ISAAC!

Eli. He's a stinker (as always!). He's SO glad to be back at school...we've finally gotten back into our bedtime reading routine and he's in heaven!

Chris. Ok...don't tell him that I told you this...but, his little voice is cracking...and it's just so DARN cute! He's growing up SO fast! He's addicted to paint ball now. He and Joe went this weekend...they have a few battle wounds...but, had a blast. Joe ordered him padded pants and a shirt...they came in today...Chris was SO excited!

Joe. His bum is gone again. Darn job working it off! He even has to work on the 4th...not that we had any plans...but, I'd just like some tv time on the couch with him.

Me. I haven't lost my mind yet. I am able to take a shower daily, brush my teeth and hair, remember to take Eli to school and pick him up, to feed all the kids, remember all necessary meds, and I talk to the dog sometimes....really....what else is there time for?? (ok..and occasionally I'll clean and cook...but, only occasionally!)

Hope everyone has a GREAT Thursday!!!

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Colin's Blog said...

Isaac looks so grown up in that picture!! Glad to hear everyone is home and back at the old routine. Hoping you have a wonderful holiday weekend (even while Joe is at work!)

We've all been blogger slackers-no worries!!

By the way-Tim loves paintball. Too bad we didn't live closer or he would take Chris off your hands!!

The Portas said...

Kathy, you make me giggle. I'm so glad you guys are back into a routine and lovin on each other. JOE! Working on the 4th!? Hopefully things will start to slow down soon??

The clingy thing is probably partially his age and is a little worse because of your recent hospital stay. Those two things combined, for us, equal a VERY CLINGY little boy. Enjoy the cuddle time!

Chris' voice is cracking, how cute! :) And that pic of Isaac makes him look like he's ready for college. Smartypants!

I'll be sending you an email soon about our Vegas plans. I'm hoping we can meet you guys! Maybe you would want to join us at the Mirage pool?? Or we could just stop by for a bit, or we could meet somewhere else. We have all of our nights booked with activities, so we'll have to catch you during one of the days!

Talk to you soon..xoxox

Samantha said...

Oh Kathy...I have missed you! Glad you are home and that all is back to "normal". I can't wait till you get those new glasses in for Isaac!

Have a great 4th!

Love ya!

hayngrl101 said...

Kathy, the pic of the new glasses is adorable. He looks so different... older... and just, dang good lookin'.

Have a nice holiday this weekend.

Vaeh's Blog said...

Those new glasses make him look like a professor! They're adorable!

Sounds like you're busy with making tutu's!

Glad things are getting back to normal! Wow eating yogurt?!?! How wonderful. Sounds like Isaac & Vaeh need to have a pig out party!

Hope you all have a great 4th! Give that little man some lovin' from us!

jencooper said...

I am digging the new glasses! He is such a cutie pie!

I hope that ALL of the boys are being nice to you. Happy 4th!


Vanessa said...

Isaac looks like a little professor!! Too darn cute!

I'm sure he is clingy cause of the hospital stay and hopefully grow out of that quickly.

Chris would probably kill you if he knew you told us about his voice! LOL! Your boys are all growing up.

I hope you get to spend some quality time with Joe on the 4th. I'm thinking we'll have an ice cream night since we're not going to see fireworks. I can't keep ice cream in my house or I'd be 100 pounds heavier. LOL!

Take care,


Kelly said...

LOVE the new glasses! I hope they come in soon. He's getting so big so fast!

You're just a busy Momma. Hopefully you'll get some time to yourself when your hubby isn't working so much.

Happy 4th of July!

cindy said...

Wow! Fast forward to what Isaac will look like when he's 35! The glasses do make him look like he's a college professor! Totally cute!

How funny about Chris' voice cracking! I need to go ask Steph if she's ever noticed it with the boys at school!

Hope you have a great 4th and a wonderful holiday weekend together! We're always thinking about you guys!

Love ya!


Mandy said...

Alright Kat.... Let me know if you don't get the glasses in when I get back from the woods and I'll go to the office and beat the people up.

I hope you bought us lots of cool stuff from Disney.

You kids (Moo Moo and Seth) are loving the lake here in Northern Wisconsin. I don't think they want to come back. Moo Moo runs straight to the lake as soon as she sees it. And did I mention that you can see it from the door.

We love you and we'll call you when we go to town and have a cell signal.