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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

We started our "wonderful Wednesday" off with Isaac falling off my bed (sorry, I didn't tell you mom)...but, he was ok as soon as I picked him up. I was in the shower, he was in the middle of our KING size bed...and that little man kicked his way over a mountain of pillows and off my side! (I'll keep him in the crib from now on--or put him in the bed with the boys...or, just not shower).

Then, we took Eli to school and Isaac and I went to his GI appointment. He did well. He only weighs 18 lbs 9 oz...he hasn't gained anything in THREE MONTHS! But, taking into account how sick he's been and his surgery...the doc isn't too worried...not yet. But, we're going to slowly increase his feeds from 7 oz to 8 oz and add the MCT oil again with every feed (for extra calories).

We ran a few errands today...and that's about it! Isaac has been off the O2 during the days...and hasn't thrown up AT ALL since his surgery. OH...and he ate some yogurt and green beans again...YEAH for ISAAC!! Eli is reading level 2 books now...he's such a smarty pants...and Chris...he forgets that he CANNOT TALK TO ME before he brushes his teeth in the morning!

and Joe...I haven't told you that he's been trying to buy a motorcycle for a while now..I don't know how long I can hold him off. The heat is not even detouring him....oh my!

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The Portas said...

Dan puts Elijah on our bed all the time and it FREAKS ME OUT! I hope some hugs made Isaac feel better. When we come to Vegas we'll bring along some of Elijah's chub that he can most definitely part with for Isaac! YAY for eating AND no throwing up!! Positive things there!

We're heading down to bring E to my sister's in a bit and then we'll head to the airport and then to your HOT city! I will give you a call sometime tomorrow and we can figure out where we should meet. We want to do whatever is easiest for you guys! We don't have three kids to lug around, so we're easy. Can't wait to see you!!! xoxoxox

Grandma Judy said...

You let MY BABY fall off the bed?
Did he at least land on a pile of clothes? Just kidding!

You are going to have to put cameras all over the house so you can keep an eye on your little man. He's learning quite a bit all of a sudden.

Have a good day.

Vaeh's Blog said...

I think its a right of passage that kids go through with falling off of something! Vaeh hasn't made that step yet, but I'm sure its coming!

Sounds like he's really liking this eating thing! And he eats green veggies too?!?! Vaeh won't touch anything green!

Hope you have a nice visit this weekend!

Colin's Blog said...

Falling off a bed is nothing compared to open heart surgery right Isaac?? Poor little guy but, I'm sure he didn't cry at all! I keep telling Tim not to put Colin on our bed because he's starting to be on the move-kind of throws us heart mamas off though when our kids decide to move!!

Love the pics below of all the boys. Isaac looks so healthy. Did Isaac grow in length at all? He looks tall to me and I was told they can't grow length and weight at the same time so, maybe he was just busy getting tall!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Melanie, Tim & Colin

Samantha said...

Micah fell out of our bed this morning...he wiggled his way from the middle of the king size bed (with JONATHAN in there) to the end of the bed and plop...on the ground. What is it with these boys. Please allow yourself your showers...you silly girl!

Hang in there...you sound tired...at least you get to meet Megan & Dan this weekend...NOT FAIR!!!

Love ya!

Andrea said...

Must be something in the air because Audrey fell off our bed Wednesday night. She has a nice bruise on her forehead for proof. I think any parent who claims it never happened to their child is a big fat liar. You know just getting in the shower is a feat in itself.

Keep Joe from getting a motorcycle - if you can. You are busy enough keeping the little boys safe and healthy.