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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Look at me....she made me practice playing
on my belly!
Up close...and looking good!

Oh...I am TOO tired to hold my fat head up!

Seriously....I can't pick it up anymore!

Eli took this picture of his rainbow fish....
it's swimming happily on the refrigerator.

Mom...someone's in my spot!

Yeah...I'm happy, but someone's sleeping in my spot!

I'm not sure how he got there...

OH...he's waking up...help me!

You guys would have gotten these pics yesterday...but, my sweet wanted to do the posting. What a sweetie (really, he is...but, I also think he's doing a little sucking up for the motorcycle...and he's already starting to miss us and we haven't left yet).

We saw the ped yesterday for Isaac's 15 month well check. He's still 18lbs 10 ozs...SLOWLY gaining weight (like 1 oz a month!). We didn't give him any vaccines because it's MMR time again...and he's not allowed to have that one yet. BUT, do you know what we talked about. My Eli needs another chicken pox shot...and he told me that Eli can't have it because it's a live vaccine and Isaac could catch the chicken pox because Eli had the shot...did you KNOW THAT! How interesting. I'm glad he thought about that one...could you imagine?!? (although, how do you know who's gotten live shots and when to keep your immune compromised ones away from them). He said that when he was a resident at UCLA, a brother with low t-cells got polio when his brother got the shot (they have now changed how that shot is given...but, who would have thought?).

Eli had his kindergarten graduation today...SO CUTE (I'll post those pics tomorrow). Tomorrow is his last official last day (even though they only go for an hour!) I took him to Target today to get his graduation gift (a pokemon and ball)....I thought pokemon was old...I guess not.

Chris called today. He's doing great, having fun, not in too much trouble...but, he called because he wanted to fill out an application to work at that camp next summer. They hire kids as young as 14, and they live at camp all summer and get paid. NOW....it's a pipe dream for him if he thinks that I'll let my 14 1/2 year old (that's his age next summer), live in ANOTHER state and not see him for three months...but, I told him to go ahead and fill out that application and talk to whomever he wants! (he's always looking for ways to make money!) I LOVE IT!!!

Isaac's been throwing up again. I haven't been giving the oil...but, have been giving him breaks off the O2...so, that must be it. SO, tomorrow, I will NOT give him a break...and just keep it on all day and see if that helps. He hasn't eaten for me this week either. BUT, thank goodness Mark had a cancellation today and came over. We worked with him and he gave me tons of ideas to work with him...and I actually got him to take a few bites at dinner time. (this boy is going to make all my hair turn gray and then fall out!)

Nicole (dev specialist) comes over to work with him tomorrow...which is good...because he's not sitting up for very long again. I HAVE to keep pillows around him, because he'll just look around and fall over (even forward...and he never did that before).

I can't think of anything else that's going on...
Hope to see everyone here on Saturday for pizza (your plane tickets are in the mail!)
Thanks for checking in on us!!!

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Mandy said...

Come on... let Chris work here in Cali. We will all keep tabs on him.

Tell Eli that while he is in NC, Seth will be in 1st grade.

Kiss Isaac for us.

Vaeh's Blog said...

Thanks for the ticket! :0) I just love those pics of the boys! They are so adorable together!

Hopefully Isaac will have a better day with eating today!

Give him a big hug for us!

The Portas said...

I haven't gotten my ticket yet, Kathy! Ohhhh I would just eat that little man up. Look at him! He is stinkin adorable.

You're doing such an amazing job, Mama, working with your little cutie so diligently. He couldn't have picked a better mama.

Chris is so mature! What a little man. He's definitely going to accomplish great things. It's good that he's not into girls yet...just a silly distraction! :)

Can't wait to see Eli graduation pics! Hope you guys have a good day. xoxo

jencooper said...

My ticket must have gotten lost in the mail. Boo!

Isaac is so adorable!! One day I will make it to Vegas and smooch on him (after I have showered, Purelled, and sprayed myself with Lysol.) I am sorry that he is being a stinker for you. Silly goose!

I am happy to hear that Chris is having a great time. I am sure that he is happy that he decided to go to camp.

Way to go Eli! Congrats!! I can't wait to see the pictures.


Colin's Blog said...

Isaac and Colin are sooo alike!! Colin was eating for a while and then completely stopped, sitting up great for a while and now once in a while will just fall back for no reason and some days throws up like crazy and others not so much!!

Isn't it crazy?? Especially the eating thing...it's draining the small amount of patience I was born with. Anyway-you are doing a great job. All the boys look happy and of course cute!!!

Waiting for my plane ticket....

Kelly said...

Little cuties as normal! Lovin' the look on Isaac's face. =) He's too funny. We have that same popper thinga majiggy. Too fun!

I hope your developmental sp. will be helpful. We get a visit from the OT on Monday. I can't wait to talk about Aubrey's feeding issues. She's not going for eating... what is wrong with these kids? Food is our FRIEND! =) It certainly isn't my enemy!

cindy said...

How sweet is that husband of yours? He totally knows all us chicks are diggin' him and I'm sure he's loving every minute of it! He's a smart one...how could you say no to the motorcycle now?? ;)

I think my plane ticket got lost, too. If it doesn't come by Saturday, then we are going to have pizza here Saturday night and tell Roller stories in your honor!

You know what's going to happen with Chris, don't you...he's going to get picked for the camp job and you are going to spend the next year trying to figure out what to do about it! How about the NEXT year when he's 15 1/2?

Congrats to Eli. Can't wait to see the pictures!

Much love to you guys!


cindy said...

Oh, great...I hit "Publish" before proof reading, so I can not be held responsible for spelling or if it doesn't make any sense! :)

Vanessa said...

After today I could so use a vacation. I'm glad you got to see Mark today. Well I can barely think but I wanted you to know I was checking in on you guys.

By the way, I did add you to our list for the blog...one of the first! :)

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

love the glasses...
he's gotten so big!

soo cute... cute boys...