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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just a quick update (because it's LATE)...but, we got to meet Megan and Dan (Elijah's parents) today...and they ARE as sweet and cute as their pictures!!! They were even sweet enough to meet us at Circus Circus so that the big boys could ride the rides and play games!!! We are SO fortunate to have met all the wonderful families that we have since having Isaac (even if we haven't met you face to face...the emails and comments are so wonderful. We feel so loved and blessed!!)

Isaac started wretching last night and threw up this morning. SO, I hooked him back up to the O2 and stopped giving him the MCT oil...I'm not sure which one is causing the problems. AND...he's still having trouble in the pooping department...so, I'm adding a little pear juice to each feed...I guess I'll take the runs over watching him give himself a hernia trying to get it out! (my poor little man).

Chris taught Eli how to duck his head under water in the pool. So, tonight...Joe, Isaac, and I sat around the pool while Eli and Chris swam around....it was SO FUN!!! It was the perfect night...it's been cool this weekend (only in the high 90s) and the boys were actually cold tonight...(isn't that funny!)

We have lots of pics from today's fun at Circus Circus...but, I'll have to post them tomorrow!

AND...my sweet Joe is going to keep holding down the fort while me and the boys take a little trip to see my mom and dad and all of our other family back in NC. It's been TWO years since I've been there...that's WAY too long!!! We fly out on June 21st!!!

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jencooper said...

I am so jealous!! One day I will get to meet with Rollers and the Portas!!

Sorry to hear about the throwing up. Isaac - be nice!!!

Way to go Eli! Remember - I will come and teach him....just say the word.

Have fun in NC. I know that family must be incredibly excited!!


crabby old man said...


The Portas said...

It was so nice to meet you guys! You are just the sweetest little family. Those boys are adorable and well-behaved and I just wanted to eat them all up. You and Joe are just the sweetest couple. We couldn't say enough good things about you. Thanks for meeting us at CC! It was fun to see Chris and Eli run around and enjoy the fun rides. Isaac is such a lovey doll! He put his sweet head right down on my shoulder and laid there....awwww, I loved it.

It was a PLEASURE to have met you all in person. Thank you for making the time for us. Next year we'll make more time so we don't have a two-hour slot of time that we're free. :)

Hugs to you all! And Kathy, I love that you are as TALL (or, umm, short) as I am! I didn't expect that. Everyone the world is taller than I am! I love it. :)

Take care. I hope Isaac is behaving today and not throwing up anymore. xoxoxo

cindy said...

I'm so glad you had a great time with the Portas! Sounds like the boys had a good time, too! Can't wait to see the pictures!

How great that you get to go to NC to see your family. I'm right there with ya...flying out to AL on the 23rd to see mine!

Hugs to all you guys...hope Isaac is not throwing up! What are we going to do with him??

Love ya!


Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

*sniff, pouts*