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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ok....so, tomorrow I'll post Eli's graduation pics. BECAUSE the camera is still in the van...and that's in the garage...and that's just TOO far to walk right now.

When I picked up Eli from school today he just cried! It was the last day of school...and he was so sad!! (sooo sweet). He even cried himself to sleep for his afternoon nap (that was sad).
He made me sit by the pool this afternoon and watch him with his new goggles...he's so excited that he can go under the water now (even though he has to hold his nose). Isaac just sat on the side of the pool and kicked the water.

Nicole came over today, with Nora (pt). I LOVE those guys! They worked with Mr. Isaac...he's regressing a little with his sitting (falling back very easy)...but, he's come SO far!!!

Melanie...I have to tell you that I bought Isaac some new sandals, and they were size 2 (for infants)...I think Isaac's feet are smaller than Colin's!!! (you'll have to tell me what size Colin wears!)

Last night, Project Runway started...YEAH!!! I'm totally addicted to that show (and a few others...but, there's not too much on tv this summer).

That's about all I've got. I've been working like crazy making little tutu's attached to tank tops and t-shirts...they are quite cute (if I do say so). I'm going to take a box out to NC and see if I can move them. I've called all of Isaac's prescriptions in...I'll do laundry on Saturday...I'll be ready to fly out on Monday morning!!! (just wish I wasn't dragging all the kids with me...or that I was sending ALL the kids and I was vacationing in Vegas ALONE!) A girl can dream!

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Mandy said...

When you get to NC, just leave the boys with mom and dad and you go down to FL and hang out. I'm sure mom won't mind babysitting. :)

Good luck at the airport. And have fun selling stuff with dad. I'm sure you will have fun spending the weekend with him. (perfect bonding time for you two) :) ha ha

The Portas said...

You guys are going to have a great time! Wish I could tag along and help out. My parents live in NC, too, so it would be perfect!

How cute and sad at the same time that Eli was crying because school was done. What a sweet boy.

Have a good weekend! xoxo

Colin's Blog said...

Awww poor Eli!! I used to get sad when school was done too.

Colin still wears a 2 too!! Smallest feet ever but, he's slowly creeping into a 3. My theory is very poor circulation and multiple cath's. His feet looked purple for a long time.
Also-Colin just didn't grow at all for months. He has so much catching up to do!!

Have fun in NC on vacation!! That will be so nice for all of you. Try to update the blog with vacation pics if you can.


jencooper said...

Poor Eli! I know that he will miss school so much.

Hang in there! I hope that you are able to sell all of your wares...they are so cute!!


cindy said...

Just wanted to stop in to tell you to have a safe flight! Hope you have a great time with your parents!

Love ya,


crabby old man said...

Drop the boys off in TEXAS & what about ", tomorrow I'll post Eli's graduation pics. BECAUSE the camera is still in the van...and that's in the garage...and that's just TOO far to walk right now"

Grandma Judy said...

Crabby old man,
You're the BEST ! ! !