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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Get ready for some pics...my little man has been doing some CRAZY things that you need to see:
First...please notice the tv. That's DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba. Now, notice that Isaac is laying on the floor....looking upside down at the television.
That's how he likes to watch it!
NOW...can you tell from this picture....that while watching the television upside down...
he also likes to do a BACK BEND while watching television.
Seriously, he will not stand on his feet at all....but, he will put pressure on them
enough to keep his back off the ground when watching tv!

Now....please note in the next picture....that my son STILL does not eat much food my mouth...only a few baby spoons each day.

BUT, apparently....he does know where his food comes from...

the feeding pump!

And...the feeding pump must give him the giggles...

But...he just needs ONE MORE TASTE....silly guy!

OK....now...onto another series of pictures that show you a new trick that

Isaac has learned. NOTE the hamster pacifier under his legs...

He knows that it's there....so, he PICKS IT UP WITH HIS FEET
(he gets this from you Aunt Debbie)....

Once the hamster is securely tucked between his feet...he proceeds to move

it more towards his mouth...

Once close enough...he will reach up and grab it (also note...he isn't wearing any glasses...so, I'm not sure how in the world he can see it!)

The hamster and pacifier are now safe on his belly....

and in his mouth where it belongs!!!
Now...he's just trying to show off his little tummy!
After all that fancy foot work...he's pooped!
and...by the end of the night...he didn't even notice that he fell asleep
on HIS BELLY!!!!!

What do you think about that?!?!?!

I think he could be on "America's got Talent" with his feet tricks!!!

I kept him on the O2 all day today (with NO breaks) and he still had a horrible wretcing episode (he did manage to keep it down and not throw up). SO...it might NOT be the O2 after all....

So, I called our wonderful GI doc (Dr. Baron) and we're increasing his prevacid (in case it's his reflux causing the gagging and wretching). BUT, I have still noticed that his heart rate is always in the 140s-150s...and that just seems a little high. I mean...he's always at rest...I couldn't imagine what it would be if he could actually walk somewhere!

He only ate a few bites of food today...but, he is still letting me put the spoon in his mouth..so, we're still making progress.

The big boys were able to go swimming next door with Abby and the kids (my brother's wife)...did I tell EVERYONE that reads this that my brother lives next door to my mom...it's SO SWEET! (although...he moved here first...then, mom and dad moved next door to them!) hahaha! Thanks for inviting them over...they loved it!!!

That's about all I've got....crazy kids!

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Mandy said...

Finally. I was trying to figure out what was taking you so long to type out.

The pics are cute. I bet mom and dad are having a blast with you there.

Tell Chris and Eli to enjoy their final days of vacation because when they get home, IT'S HOTTTTTT!!!! And hey, maybe there will be some more earthquakes when you return. :)

jencooper said...

Isaac looks so BIG in those pictures! He is so long!!

By the way, Bennett has discovered Yo Gabba Gabba. He LOVES it. We have to watch it alot!

I am impressed with the feet tricks...something that this crazy girl can do herself. One day I will teach him how to pinch people with his toes!


Colin's Blog said...

Those series of pics of Isaac were hysterical! Colin has never been able to get his legs up like that-shows good tummy strength!! Love the one of him lifting his pacifier with his legs. Nice to see you are all having fun.

Tim and I have talked about coming to Vegas during the winter. Watch out-we might just show up at your doorstep one day!!

As far as Colin's heart-his last surgery relieved the pressure that built up between his heart and lungs after the vsd closure but, his right ventricle is still failing. According to the echo, it has not improved at all in function. We do not believe this because there has been so many changes in Colin. We obviously need to see the docs and they are the experts but, we also know our children best and I usually know when Colin is the sickest-before the docs. So-I think we also know when they are doing better!!
Colin also has pulmonary hypertension-does Isaac???

Enjoy the rest of vacation!!

The Domanicos

Vaeh's Blog said...

Okay, considering some of the acts that make it through on America's Got Talent, Isaac would be a shoe in! I just love the contorsionistic moves he does with his feet! What is it with kids & bringing their feet up by their heads? Vaeh does it all the time... comes in handy with diaper changes:0)

Have a good trip home!

The Portas said...

I loooove the photo sequence and the cute pics of that little munchkin man. What a dolly. And how funny that he insists on arching his back like that. Silly boy!

I hope the retching stops and you can get him off the O2 very soon. Praying for a good day of eating and even more progress! Have a fun day!


Samantha said...

I just got all caught up...Isaac looks so great! He is growing up Kathy!!! What a big boy. You just keep getting him to take the spoon...even if there is no food...it will come! Chris and Eli look fantastic too! What cuties you have! I hope you are enjoying the lemon cake...you deserve it! Are you back home now or still in NC?

Much love,

Vanessa said...

Love the fancy foot work! He is so cute! What is going on with his little tummy? I really hope you can figure all of this out soon. Poor baby.


Amber said...

What skills he has!!! Gracie is definitely jealous. :^) I especially like the eating of the pump....yummy!