We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Let us just begin where my day began:

1:45AM--wake up and get Chris up and ready for camp
2:15AM--take Chris to meet with other campers
3:00AM--FINALLY fall back to sleep
4:45AM--Eli comes into our room and asks if Chris has left yet...he wanted to say good-bye
SO...I put Eli in my bed so that we can ALL get some sleep.
4:50AM--Eli is still wiggling around...so, I put him back in his bed
5:30AM--Eli comes BACK in my room asking if I can hook up the PS3 so that he can play games
I tell him NO...but, if he can't sleep, he can just watch cartoons
6:00AM--I can hear Eli and Katie (the dog) running around downstairs
AND...i have to get up and start Isaac's feed
7:00AM--Isaac is trying to poop, making noise, kicking his legs...IT CAN'T BE TIME TO GET UP YET!!!
7:30AM--get my bum out of bed and in the shower (after changing Isaac's bum)
8:00AM--take Isaac downstairs and eat breakfast with Eli
8:30AM--take Eli to school
9:00AM--get gas, then to Target
9:50AM--run to the house, the oxygen tank is low
10:00AM--at Macy's...they are having a sale...I NEEDED some things!
10:55AM--ran back to the house, I grabbed an O2 tank that was empty!
11:15--pick up Natalie (she's going to help me with the boys)
11:25--pick up Eli from school
11:30--head to the HAIR SALON!!
12:00--we made it!!! I'm getting my hair cut and colored...Natalie is walking around with Isaac and Eli....life is GOOD!

Can you believe that morning?!?!? My bones just HURT today! I feel like I could sleep for years and years! I took Isaac off his O2 about lunch time...and he did good this afternoon. BUT, his heart rate just gets SO high when he's off...I'm not so sure that's good for him. hmmm....

I actually made dinner tonight. Eli took a nap this afternoon (that goodness!)!!! Joe ALMOST bought that motorcycle this weekend....I believe that if it wasn't raining this week...then, he'd have it parked in the garage right now!

Serenity now...serenity now!

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Kelly said...

Dang girlfriend! How do you do it? You deserve a day at the spa. (Be sure to tell Joe we said so!) You should be Momma of the year! Hopefully you get to sleep in tomorrow!

Mandy said...

You're such a nerd. Eli is going to be soo sad this week. Just tell him that while he's in NC, Seth will be at school. (that should put a smile on his face.) If he's bored, just take him to the drive in one night. He loved it here in Cali.

Vaeh's Blog said...

How do you do it?! I'm just in awe of you?!

I know the feeling of having a little one romping around in bed with you. Gabby can take up an entire king size bed by herself!

Hope you enjoyed your trip to the salon! There's nothing like pampering yourself, if only for a couple of hours! Have a great week!

jencooper said...

Man - I feel your pain! Every morning I think, "Did I actually get any sleep last night??"

Post a picture of your hair!! Show it off honey!


jencooper said...

Man - I feel your pain! Every morning I think, "Did I actually get any sleep last night??"

Post a picture of your hair!! Show it off honey!


Grandma Judy said...

Just remember, you do it for LOVE!

Vanessa said...

How did you manage to do all that and still be awake to talk about it. You really are super mom!!!

cindy said...

Funny...I was reading and thought that was your whole day (not paying close enough attention to the times), then read the part where it said "Can you believe that MORNING?" Yikes!

Try to have a restful week and I hope you're feeling all sassy with your new hair! I get mine done on Thurs (also in bad shape!) so we'll both be looking all pretty this week!

Love ya!


crabby old man said...

What do You do with all that spare time