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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just tasting a little finger...
oh......I'm not going to be sneaky at all~
Chris is getting a little BIG for this 4-wheeler!
and...drum roll please.....
Isaac ate 1/2 a jar of sweet potatoes at his 6pm feed...
AND he ate the other half at his 10pm feed!!!

How awesome!!! The only silly thing, is that there's only 70 calories in the WHOLE jar! (He gets 30 cals in 1 ounce of his milk!). So...this little feat will not make him fat...but, it sure does give me hope that he will not live with this tube FOREVER!!
Isaac was great today. Have I told you that he's had a rash for a week now? It's under his diaper, but NOT in the "diaper" area....It's where the side velcro tabs are. I think his skin has gotten SO sensitive...that the diapers are starting to irritate him. He's already allergic to plastic tape...I'd hate to add DIAPERS to that list! (anyone use cloth diapers?? I'm thinking about it if this keeps up!)
Eli is WIPED out! He played outside with Lauren and Carter (my niece and nephew) today...and he's crashed on the couch now.
CHRIS...he found a piggy bank under the guest bed. SO, he decides to take it to the garage and CRACK it open!~ (that means he not only broke into the bank...but, BROKE IT!). I have no idea what got into him. We've been giving him grief all day. Stealing is poor grandma's piggy bank money! (all $5.00 of it!)..he did give Eli half!!
That was our day!
oh...and yesterday we had SO much fun visiting with my grandparents! (we can't find the cord for my mom's camera to upload those pics...we're a mess!)

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cindy said...

I'm glad you guys are having such a great time and YAY for Isaac eating something besides cheetos & his glasses!

I laughed out loud at the Chris story. I can just see him sneaking off to smash the piggy bank! Too funny!

The pics have been so cute. Isaac looks more like a little boy instead of a baby all the time!

Sending lots of love!


Steven and Stephanie said...

Just a thought on the diaper rash thing, if it has only been since you have been there, it could be the humitity. We use to live in VA adn my babies would get diaper rash in those areas, had to only use huggies diapers and baby powder. Since moving more west not as humid, rash not as bad, and when ever we are in Colorado or Utah none at all. Don't know if that helps, but I hope so, disposable diapers helps make life a little simpler.

Mandy said...

Mom will have an extra 10 lbs on Isaac before he leaves. Just wait and see. And you forgot to tell the story about me calling UPS the past two days for you. Everyone, when Kathy doesn't want to do things herself, she has me call and pretend I'm her. I know most of all her personal information. Good thing I love her so much or I would be on a 24/7 vacation under the name Kathy Roller. :)

Have fun with dad this weekend.

Samantha said...

Yay Isaac!!! Way to go!! Okay, next time you feed that boy his sweet potatoes, you just add a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream or olive oil in there to make it worth more in calories :) I love that he is eating for you! You know he will not have that tube forever...just give him some time to get rested from all his work he has done since his birth...baby steps my friend! He is looking great!

I cannot believe the Chris story...oh Chris! At least he shared...hmmmm.

What diapers are you using with Isaac? Have you tried to just change the brand a few times to see if that helps any? Maybe????

Glad your vacation is going well...


P.S. Today is our LAST day of feeding camp! I am so excited...we are graduating...but now I have to do it on my own :( They are absolutely amazing there...you will definitely need to bring Isaac down when it is time...but the hospital is not that cozy (no bathrooms or showers in your room--inpatient)...not fun :(

The Portas said...

Look at that little sneaky Isaac face. I think he wants to come rest his sweet head on my shoulder again. :) Aawwwwww, I just loved that.

Thanks for the pics! And I am SO PROUD of the little munchkin for EATING! It's only 70 calories, but it's HUGE progress. YAY Isaac!

Sounds like you are all having a blast in NC. Tell Chris I'll keep an eye out for bank robbers on the news that resemble him.

HAVE FUN!!! xoxo

kc'sbunch said...

Hi Kathy, I am so glad to hear how well Isaac is doing and how much fun you all are having. I have a suggestion for the diaper thing. Allie was (and still is) very sensitive and alergic to a lot of things. The Sams Club el-chepo diapers are hypoalergenic and cleared up her sensitivity to the tape of the more expensive brands.

Vaeh's Blog said...

Yea for Isaac! Isn't it crazy that in a whole jar there's only a few calories?!? They'll have to eat a house to get enough calories to get rid of the tube! I'm so glad that he's starting to eat for you - sounds like your light at the end of the 'eating by mouth' tunnel is getting brighter, too!

On a side note - you need to put a pin/ picture on our map on Vaeh's blog! I wanna see Isaac's face every time I turn our blog on!

Hope the rest of your vacation is wonderful!

Vanessa said...

Way to go Isaac!! This is a huge step for him.

Don't feel bad...Arianna is allergic to the plastic tape too. I couldn't imagine being allergic to diapers though...clothes diapers don't seem all that fun.