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Friday, July 25, 2008

My little Isaac in his cocoon!
Curly hair and crazy eyes~
That's the rash...
Grandpa and Eli cutting grass today...
Grandpa helping Eli cut the grass...
YEAH FOR ELI...cutting the grass !!
My book worm...
and still a BIG HAM!~!

There you have...our Friday!!!
I MISS cutting grass and raking leaves....I mean..I didn't help out today...but, I do miss it.
I am still trying every kind of cream and diaper to work on his little rash. He tries to scratch it (poor little thing!). He started it before we came here...it just was the size of a quarter though....
I'll keep working on that one.
We took Isaac off the O2 today...and it only took 2 hours before he tried to throw up...so, back on it went. I wish he could have a break...AND, this concentrator that they gave me is busted! It just beeps all day and night. I was up every hour with....urrghhh. If the beeping gets any worse, I'm calling a local company to get one for next week!
We're headed to the flea market in the morning!!! I'm SO EXCITED (but, I think my dad is more excited!). We're leaving Isaac and Eli home with my mom....I do hope Eli is a good helper and not having a stinky day!
and...just so you know...Grandma Judy DOES exist...she would just KILL me if I posted her picture...so, I choose to live, and you'll just have to use your imagination!!

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Mandy said...

Yes, grandma does exist but knowing from EXPERIENCE, we don't post pics up. (anymore :) )

And Kathy, you never cut grass growing up. That was me!

Have fun with dad at the flea market.

Hope Isaacs rash gets better. I'm sure mom has some sort of meds that you can put on it.

The Jones Family said...

Looks like Isaacs rash may be yeast...try nystaitn cream (perscription), or any over the counter meds you can find (there are several)...yes it can look like diper rash sometimes on our cute little kiddos....may be worth a try, if the other diaper creams aren't working.

The Portas said...

Kathy, could that rash be a yeast infection? Sometimes Elijah gets them in weird places like that. Just a thought.

Hope you're having fun at the flea market this morning! Sounds like you're having a great time with Grandpa and Grandma!! xoxoxo

Vaeh's Blog said...

I agree with the yeast. With the number of antibiotics Vaeh was on she's had hundreds of them. So much so that nystatin doesn't work anymore! We use Desenex powder. Its miconazole nitrate, which is an anti-fungal that they used in the hospital for her & it works like a charm! Its advertised for athlete's foot, but that's yeast non the less! Plus with it being a powder it helps with moisture absorption! Okay, now that I've rambled...
Glad you're having a good vacation! I just love Isaac in the cocoon, & Eli is such a HAM!!! Take care & enjoy the rest of your trip! XOXOXO

jencooper said...

Your boys are such cuties!!

I hope that his rash is feeling better today...and that you are having a BLAST at the flea market!


Samantha said...

Have you tried Calmoseptamine yet? This stuff is AMAZING!!! Someone at the feeding clinic told me about it for the redness around the gbutton site and it works wonders on all rashes! We bought it at Target, but call around to different pharmacies...Walgreens carries it as well. It is just an over the counter ointment, but it is wonderful...it is part zinc, part calamine lotion and other stuff...it is stinky, but great!

Love ya!

Teresa said...

How did the flea market go? It was great to see you and your boys! Isaac is just adorable! Hope to see you again soon! Call me!