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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

MOM...help me!!!Seriously mom...I think Eli's going crazy!
So really...how cute are these guys!?!?

Look...Isaac can pinch his own cheeks!

Finally...a good smile from Eli!

I wish they had a class in "guitar hero" for Chris to
take in High School....he's serious about this game!

We had a pretty full day...I mean, for a summer day with all kids being healthy!
Eli went to school, Isaac and I went to the grocery store. Chris unloaded all the groceries for me, I ate my froot loops...then, picked up my Eli. We all HAD to go to the Disney Store again (just to make sure that we didn't miss anything), then...I had to take the big boys to EB Games...they had about 10 games they wanted to trade in for some new ones. We all came home, cleaned the house (somewhat) and Mark (speech therapist) came over.

Mark worked alot with Isaac to check to see where he was developmentally...and he's at about the 6 month stage:( Well, I knew that...he can barely sit up by himself. He throws himself backwards after a few minutes...so, I still have to keep him surrounded by pillows. It's SO HARD to remember (on top of all the things necessary to KEEP HIM ALIVE) to SHOW him how to clap blocks together, HOW to push a toy car, HOW to stack rings....those are simple things that we take for granted with our "healthy" kids...and I don't think I'm spending enough "TOUGH PLAYTIME" with Isaac...where I don't just pick him up when he falls over...where I'm suppose to make him work to get up a little, then help out. It's just SO DARN HARD! But, Joe has it tough too. Yesterday, Isaac had on the fancy glasses and he kept trying to get them off his face, so I would (gently) pop his hand and say "NO" in a pretty firm voice. And poor Joe...I scared him to death....he couldn't believe that I would pop Isaac's precious little hand AND tell him No. Where's the stinkin' line??? He has to learn "NO" like any other baby...but, can he really understand it or should he even have to at this point in his little life...doesn't he have enough to deal with...shouldn't he be able to chew on whatever he wants?? Well no, he shouldn't, so...I'll continue to tell him "NO" and be tough..it's just hard.

Can't you tell I'm a little hormonal today??

And my mini-van...started stinking today. Something was burning or something. Poor Joe is in the garage now looking at it...he just doesn't get a break.

Tomorrow...we see the GI doc!!! I LOVE Dr. Baron...I'll be sure to post tomorrow!

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Andrea said...

These boys are so darn cute! Don't worry that you haven't been showing Isaac how to do things yet, just start doing it now. I know it's hard to teach him "no." With Drew I've always said if we expect him to have a future with us (and we do) then he has to learn the rules like any other kid. I don't want him to be a terror just because of his heart condition! Plus Isaac is so good, I bet you hardly ever have to tell him no!

The Portas said...

First of all, as always, CUTE CUTE CUTE! I think I'm going to take all three boys home with me. Will Chris teach me how to play guitar hero?

I totally know where you're coming from, Kathy. I have had SUCH a hard time telling Elijah no (although I've gotten pretty good at it lately) because I just feel so bad that he has already had so much to deal with. It's so hard trying to remember everything you're supposed to be doing to help development when really, we're just happy to have our little ones with us at all. It's tough!

I'll give you a big hug when I see you on SATURDAY! You better warn your boys about the strange lady who is going to be hugging them (Joe, too!). :)

I'll be looking for the GI update today. Hope all goes well!! xoxo

Samantha said...

Oh kathy...sorry you are having to be tough...i think jonathan about fell over the first time micah got a little slap on the hand and a stern no. you have to teach them a little bit :) hang in there. by the way, love the pictures!

love ya!

jmckeel said...

Yes, he does understand NO! He may pretend that he doesn't :) Cute pictures. Abby

Andrea said...

Those two are very handsome. Glad to see you are cracking the whip with Isaac :) It is so heartbreaking to get mad at an innocent baby (especially cute ones) and dad's just never get it, but all the rest of us mom's definitely do.

jencooper said...

Oh my goodness - all of your kids are GORGEOUS! I am loving those faces that Eli is making.

Ahh yes - the dreaded no. Gracie cries BIG crocodile tears when I tell her no. It breaks my heart but I don't want her to be a brat. Hang in there.... (however I am feeling your pain!!)

Love you guys!!


Anonymous said...

Good for you. kids with health issues need discipline as much as any other kids. Sophia was turning into a bit of a monster in the hospital. I think she new we were having trouble disciplining her there, and she was taking advantage. Super Cute pics!

Vaeh's Blog said...

You have three of the cutest boys I've ever seen!! I just love the pics of Eli & Isaac together. Just wait til they're wrestling around & causing a big rucus!

I agree with everyone else. Its so hard to tell them no, but its something they all have to learn! Although Vaeh knows the word 'no' very well - she says it all the time! (lol)

As for the developemental thing... I wouldn't worry about it at all! Vaeh is 21 months & just today was able to sit up from laying on her back without any help. When its his time, he'll take off & shine! Besides, he has a great momma to help him along the way!

Hope you have a good visit with Dan & Megan!

Vanessa said...

I think we all have felt like this at some point. I would almost get mad at the therapists at times because they would push Arianna a little more than I liked. And the discipline is actually an area I've been very good at with her...maybe a little too good at times. I've always said I don't want to raise a bratty child, like those I see at the stores going wild and not listening ot their parents. But your right there is a line and sometimes when I'm trying to discipline her, she looks at me with those sad little eyes and starts to cry, and I give in. She has been through so much I feel like she deserves a break from time to time. I mean...I'm just happy to even have her alive and with me. So I totally know where your coming from.

About the developmental stuff...that will come in time as well. With all you have to do just to keep him alive it's no wonder you forget the normal developmental things you need to be doing. Just when you have a few extra minutes take the time to start those activities. Your a wonderful mom and your doing all you can. It's not like Isaac is doing to remember, "Hey Mom...didn't play blocks with me when I was little, she was too busy giving me my feeds, O2, etc." So don't be so hard on yourself. Okay, I'm rambing...sorry it's late.

Oh...and about the Yo Gabba Gabba, Arianna has never liked that show so it's weird to have her watch it even for a few minutes. TO be honest with you it gets on my nerves. LOL!! I don't konw how you do it with Mr. Isaac.

Hope your GI appointment goes well tomorrow. I'll be checking back!