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Thursday, July 10, 2008

So...he's wearing his dork glasses today. But...I have to tell you about this ball he's playing with. He LOVES to roll things. This is a leap frog ball, it rolls in place, sings, lights up..it's perfect..but, I'm such a bargain hunter that I got this one for only $9.99 because it's in SPANISH! Yep...he'll learn the alphabet in Spanish!!!

He had a great day. Still only using the O2 during the nights....he even took his last feed tonight straight...NO water added to dilute it! (that's a first!)

Eli and Chris were swimming tonight...watching the thunderstorms over the mountains...just chillin' in the pool...my mom would have FREAKED out...she always thinks the lightning is going to come in the house and get us...she would have KILLED me to know that it was raining 20 miles away and the kids were in the POOL! (I know you're freaking out...aren't you mom!)

I didn't drop any kids today...although, Isaac was sitting in the middle of the floor, without pillows around him, and he fell over...but, it was on the carpet...and he has a big head!

Looks like rain here ALL weekend...Monsoon season...YUCK!

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Vanessa said...

I thought for sure Isaac would of passed Arianna up in the weight department. Maybe she has a chance after all. LOL!

If it makes you feel better, Arianna fell off my bed once when she was little and thankfully the dogs bed was right by our bed and she didn't even cry. Now add that to the locking her in the car story and I'm a really bad mom!

I am SO proud of Mr. Isaac for all this eating he's been doing. It just has to be in Isaac time and no one can make him do it a minute sooner.

Thanks for the pictures I always love seeing his handsome face!



Vaeh's Blog said...

He is just so darn cute!! Looks like he's having a blast with his ball & learning a second language, too?! Great job, Isaac!!

No pillows around him now... walking around before you know it!

Have a great weekend!

Grandma Judy said...

You may have forgot, but the reason your mom freaks out about lightening is your dad's niece died from a lightning strike. She was 17 years old, out cutting grass, storm MILES away, and in one quick flash she was dead.

You need to start pulling out ALL of Isaac's toys.....even the ones Eli has confiscated.

jmckeel said...

So cute! The ball also will come off of the white stand thing. Press the button on the side. He can learn to roll it. Lauren and Carter loved theirs! :) And it will sing as you roll it back and forth. I think that while we played it with Lauren and Carter had just learned to sit up, he would laugh and laugh as we rolled it to each other. Try it! Abby

jencooper said...

We love that ball!! (Although we have it in English!) Bennett played with it all the time and now Gracie has discovered it.

Hope that you have a fabulous weekend!!


cindy said...

OK, if that little man can kick his way off your bed then he probably has the strength to get around the floor. But you know he's enjoying having you sweat about all this moving around stuff! So...that's it! He's doing it on purpose! (aren't you glad I figured it all out for you?)

Glad things are uneventful for you guys right now and you're able to just enjoy your summer and your Froot Loops! (did you have a cereal obsession as a child, too?)

Hope you guys have a great time with the Portas! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Love ya!!


Kelly said...

What a little cutie! I love those glasses.

Yeah, scary to be in a pool with a storm near by. Silly!

Isaac sure is making a lot of progress these days. He's impressing us all!

T & T - K&K said...

Hello Roller Fam Bam,
You all are looking so lovely over there! We've just got to see one another soon, maybe once we get back from dropping the eldest off at college in Cali...that would marvelous. I adore Isaac's glasses...couldn't be more perfect. And super happy happy he's tolerating his milk...
Miss you guys..ttys
Sams Family