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Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh look...it's Chris! I know you didn't know that
he still existed..but, he does...he's just often
hiding from me!

Mom...let little Eli in...please~

I'll give you a kiss...I promise..

Mom took this pic. She said that she asked Eli to watch Isaac while
she went into another room...when she came back, he was in the
crib with Isaac!! That's my Eli...you have to tell him
specifically to watch him from the OUTSIDE of the
crib....oh, it's so sweet!

Isaac sitting in a big boy rocking chair...

He's so excited...he just can't stand it~~~

Professor Isaac working on a new chew toy.

and...Eli has still lost his mind...it has to be around here somewhere!!!

Well...those are the pics that I owe you! We're having a great visit. Although...I wish I could just put myself and ALL the boys on a continuous feed and just SLEEP ALL DAY! (I just never feel like I catch up...pure laziness, I'm sure!)

I did travel outside today to the pharmacy to get Isaac some meds (blood pressure meds that he's been OUT OF FOR A WEEK)...I will not even tell you about that one...because I'm trying NOT to exude negativity and those are the only thoughts that enter my mind when I think about this one. Then, we went to Sam's to get those diapers. (thanks Hollie!)...they really do say hypoallergenic, latex free, etc...I'll let you know how they work! I also bought myself a LEMON POUND cake...there goes the ten pounds i'm trying to shake off (I have a love of food that I'm not willing to sacrifice)!

Eli was bored to death today...I'm actually surprised that he's still alive. Chris...he wants an ipod nano (right...who doesn't)....and he's been on ebay all day trying to get me to bid on one for him (look mom..it's only $60.00 right now..and it only has a few scratches..and...and..and...) At least Isaac is behaving. We took him off the O2 all day today and he did really good. He had a few moments where he started to wretch....but, he caught it and kept it down~ (what a professional is now at that!) But, the reason I had to take him off today was that his right cheek is all red from the O2 canula pressing against it...poor little thing...I hope he doesn't have some crazy skin disease that we haven't found yet~~~ (just kidding...but, his little skin is just breaking down...he's so fragile...my little porcelain doll!~)

Well...that's all I've got. If anyone sees my sweet hubby, pat him on the bum for me and tell him that I love him and I know how hard he's working while I'm on vacation (bad wife)....

PLEASE....he's enjoying our vacation as much as we are...king size bed all alone, no kids, AND a new motorcycle...he's going to cry when we go home next week~

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Mandy said...

Why haven't you made a pumpkin pie yet??? You know you will eat one for each meal. :)

It's great mom has you and the boys there so long. She's needs some of her west coast kids to visit her.

Have a great week and I know mom will go into hiding when you leave next week. Hey, bring her back with you and she can babysit my two monsters.

The Portas said...

Pure laziness...right! You're awesome. You're the best mama ever and you deserve a few days of solid sleep! The pics are awesome. I just looooove those sweet faces. All three! (Is that a Discovery Toys toy I see Isaac playing with?)

I'm with you on the love of food thing. You only live once. May as well enjoy all the yummy food that exists. :)

Don't work too hard, Joe!

Grandma Susie said...

Great pictures! All of the boys look like they are totally enjoying every minute of their vacation and I know your mom has to feel like she's in Heaven having you all there.
Poor Isaac, it sounds like he has skin like mine - allergic to adhesives, plastic, and sensitive to a lot of other things. Sorry your having that trouble little man.
I did speak with Joe on the phone the other day - he misses you all. He'll be happy to see next week I'm sure.
Say "Hi" to your parents for us.
Hug and kisses

jencooper said...

Oh my goodness! They are all so cute! I love looking at your kiddos.

I am so happy to hear that you are having so much fun on your vacation!