We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Here's your quickie update (because it's WAY past my bedtime):

Icky has been wretching today...trying his hardest to throw up all over me...urrghh! So, what could it be. We've increased the prevacid, he's on the O2...I don't know...his heart?? We see Dr. Mayman on August 19th...so, we'll see.

Christopher talked to an old friend of his here today. They're headed to the movies tomorrow. (This kid is 18 NOW...I told Chris to remind him that he's only 14 (almost)...but, that sweet kid said he'd still meet up with him at the movies....Thanks Jeremy!!)

Eli....poor little Eli. He's made all sorts of crafts...painted everything in site (including mom's kitchen chair--on accident)...and he just seems SO bored! We bought a few books tonight for him...but, he said he really NEEDS a new toy! Of course he does...it's only been a few days since he's had a new one!

That's about it. Just making a mess in mom's house...driving the folks crazy and eating all their food...

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The Portas said...

Saying prayers that the retching is nothing to worry about. I hope Chris has fun at the movies and that Eli keeps himself occupied. Maybe you can put him to work! Take care guys...xoxoxo

Grandma Susie said...

I know you'll miss everyone when you leave NC for home on Monday. Poor little Isaac, he can't take all the action and excitement :)
If, by chance, you go to church with your Mom, look up Linda Daniels and give her a BIG hug for me. She & I have so much fun when we're together!
It might be time for Eli to learn a new trick - maybe fishing with grandpa or a carpentry project - ? -
Love you guys

hayngrl101 said...

Shucks. I'm sorry about the wretching. Seeing how its been going on for a while, could it be that its just a 'digeorge' thing? We did the wretching thing for a while... when we got the fundo (I think we did this procedure 3 times) then the actual puking stopped but she still gagged A LOT. We managed it by cutting her feeds to almost nothing and going almost continuous for a while (but she still gagged). Anyway... just rambling on, here... thinking of you.

Kelly said...

Well, they are all keeping you busy still. How nice to be home with your family and enjoying old and new friends.

Everytime I come to your site I can't ever see your text, only the pictures. I have to highlight them in order to read. It's like a super duper decoder or something. =) Does anyone else have this same problem?

crabby old man said...

If Eli Is bored he needs to come stay with me at the poor farm ,sorry to hear about the throwing up of that precious BABY.
May GOD bless the Roller family