We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I KNOW...I STILL don't have time to post pictures!
I'm busy packing away...and have some snags to work out before we board tomorrow...like OXYGEN! (i'll tell you all about it tomorrow night)


Wish me luck!

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Mandy said...

If you don't have oxygen, just stay in town. You could always just come out to Cali and visit. :) Mom will understand.

Grandma Judy said...

Have a safe flight.
Can't wait to see all of you!

Vaeh's Blog said...

Hope you get all the kinks worked out! Have a great (safe:0))trip!

crabby old man said...


Mandy said...

okay everyone. i know that they all made it to NC. I'm sure Kat will post tomorrow... (right Kat??)