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Monday, September 01, 2008

Here's Isaac trying on one of Joe's motorcycle helmets...

Mr. Isaac is taking a bath...

Do you like my hair??

This was Isaac eating on Friday...he decided that he'd try to feed

and Eli...getting ready to ride to Home Depot with
Joe on the motorcycle.
Don't worry...it was only 2 miles away!

and...they're off!

Isaac doesn't like the sun...so, he isn't outside very much...
but, look at how red his hair looks outside!

So...Isaac's been a big FAT wretching throwing up stinker all weekend. But, I love him!
He's just had horrible mornings until about mid afternoon...then, he seems to be totally fine. Who knows!?!? Other than the constant throwing up or gagging...he's rolling around the house like a mad man. He still can't sit up for more than five minutes...will NOT put any pressure on his feet...will NOT put any pressure on his hands to try to crawl (only on his forearms and elbows!)

Eli is sounding quite junky. I've been giving him multiple breathing treatments ALL WEEKEND...and he still sounds yucky...just a wheezing machine. I hope he can make it all day at school tomorrow.

Chris....actually wanted me to help him with his Japanese homework. Well, I decided that I would help him...(like I know what I'm doing)... Chris is also having a ROCKBAND birthday party next week. Well, we have two guitars...but, of course we had to go buy the drums and microphone this weekend. Joe and Eli are upstairs as we speak jamming--Joe's playing the drums and Eli is singing. (Chris is here stuffing his face one last time before bedtime)...

Hope everyone had a good weekend...(fyi...Joe had to had to work Saturday, Sunday, and TODAY!)....uh huh...that's right!

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Mandy said...

Come on.... you didn't call and tell me about your day today. Is there anything you need to tell me??? Yeah yeah....you have some explaining to do.

I'll call you tomorrow on my way home.

The Portas said...

Nice bike, Joe!! I love it. Sorry you had to work all weekend.

Eli looks so cute with the big helmet on. How fun! And those pics of Isaac...he looks like such a big boy! He's growing up so fast.

Just keep trying with the hand/feet pressure and he will start to do it more. I'm praying for no more ickiness for that little man today. Take care! Boys, give your awesome Mama a restful, CALM day! :)


Amber said...

Japanese???? Madness!!!
Wow....you are amazing!
I love the pics of Isaac in the sink....he's little!

The weight bearing on feet and hands will totally come....no worries!

Krista said...

love the pics as always...especially of you playing dress up!

I can't believe Joe's work schedule...what is it he does?

Praying for a great week for you!

cindy said...

Isaac wasnts to go for a ride, too! Totally cute pictures...and Eli looks like he's in heaven!

I wish there was some magic potion that would stop all this wretching/throwing up business. Can't SOMEONE figure it out? Like the guys that get paid the big bucks to figure stuff out??

Wishing you a happy week!

Love ya,


Mommaof2 said...

He looks like he's ready to ride cross country with Daddy! I would love for Jon to get a bike. But we'd need a Goldwing! They are so comfortable to ride! (Yes, I've ridden before!)

Love the hairdo! He's getting so grown up! And trying to feed himself?! That's great - Keep up the good work, Isaac!

Hopefully everyone is feeling better soon! No more yuckies!

Give that little guy big smooches from us!


Kelly said...

Wait, wait, wait! Did I miss the post about buying the motorcycle? =) I'm surprised he was able to find the time, being as though he's always working his bum off. He deserves it.

Mr. Isaac. Dude, the tall man might have out grown that carseat! How do you pick up that big man? We upgraded this weekend since I was having problems picking up the carseat... she's too heavy!

Love the mohawk pics. I bet you miss the daily "wave" in his hair!

You're an awesome Momma!