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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ahhh...look at him. He looks totally different with no O2 canula up his nose!
ok....there's my little man...crazy eyes and crazy tongue!
Yes...you can munch under his fat chin....I LOVE IT!
(looks like he's ready to lick an ice cream cone!)
Looking handsome for church today (we only stayed an hour...he wasn't acting normal)
well...normal for him! AND...that curl on his head is getting too long....I'm going to have to start brushing his hair to the side like normal little boys...or get it cut like a Fo-hawk (that's how Eli wears his!) hmmm....decisions...decisions!

I forgot to tell you this weekend that I ALSO LOST Isaac's FAVORITE monkey pacifier!!! We've washed it 100 times...he LOVES it...and I lost it. Somewhere in Target (the day after I lost his glasses). I searched that store and looked all over the parking lot...no luck!

So...he's got the dalmatian now. Not his favorite...but, it works.

He had an AWESOME day yesterday. No O2 all day...just at night. No throwing up....YEAH...
Until today...He's thrown up ALL day long, his sats are in the high 90s (so he doesn't need the O2)...I'm stumped on this one. I'm keeping an eye on him for any different changes.

Eli and Chris are driving me bonkers. Eli's trying to earn $39.99 ($0.25 a job at a time!). He's been working like a mad man ALL WEEKEND! I love it! Oh...he wants a speed boat to drive around in the pool! Chris...he just wants to earn money to sack away in the bank...he begs me everyday to open him up a bank account. And, I will...when he keeps money more than a week (he always finds something that he NEEDS!)

For Katie...and all those interested....the handicap placard (hangy thing). Just pick up the form at the DMV. It asks if you: carry portable oxygen, have a permanent heart condition (that's the one my doctor checked), if you have a disorder that makes it difficult to walk so far (like 200 yards)...and a few other questions. There were a few that we qualified under...but, you only have to check one box. The doc just has to sign it, you go to the dmv (get to go in quicker because they send you through the handicap line)...they type in the info (under the child's name)...and WALA....handicap hangers!!! Piece of cake...you don't have to convince anyone at the dmv...they just need to see the form signed.

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Kelly said...

What a handsome little man! He looks nice and chubby! I love it too!

Silly Momma, you keep losing things. Must be that you have a million different things happening at once. That's great that his sats are so high. The throwing up is just to keep you on your toes. He doesn't want you to get too comfortable. Ha. =)

The Portas said...

Isaac is so darn cute! I love the pics. Sorry to hear about the throwing up. What's up, little man? Hopefully today is a better day. Take care!! xoxox

Vaeh's Blog said...

We feel your pain on the throwing up thing...its a daily occurance here, too! What a nubby little guy! I love those chubby little cheeks, makes me want to squeeze them!!

Yeah, for no oxygen! These good sats may be catching between our kiddos! Vaeh's been high 80's to low 90's! Can't wait to see what she does with a closed VSD!

Thanks for the info about the plaquard - may have to check into that if we need to keep the O2!

Hope you all have a good week, & no more lost treasures!

Heart Hugs!
Tina & family:0)

Samantha said...

I love the pictures...he is so darn adorable! Okay...Megan and I are planning a trip to Vegas (well, the Porta family is and I am going to fly up with the Mouse to meet you both)...so...we need to know when you are going to be there!

Sorry that Isaac is throwing up again...maybe this time he has a tummy bug and that would explain the sats being normal. You are always on your toes!

I like that you pay $0.25 a job...I think that is what I am going to do...we made up this big chart of things the kids need to do and I was just going to pay them a lump sum, but I think that a quarter an item is a good plan! Thanks...you always give me good ideas!

Have a good day!!!

Love ya!

Mandy said...

First let me say that the school pic of Sto is cute. You are going to have it post it tonight on the blog so everyone can see it. It's hard to believe that he's that big already.

The pics of Isaac are cute also. It's great that he is doing better and will let you take the O2 off. He just knows that its summer time and so he'll go easy on you for a few months. He wants to go play in the pool now. :)

And for Eli, tell him I'll send him $0.25 for every NORMAL phone call I get from him. No more telling me you're in a different state or country. Lets see if he can do that.

Vanessa said...

Okay...I'm stumped. What is going on with that little man? I'm so happy to hear he was off the O2 all day! I am so proud of him! Oh your boys sure keep you busy, don't they. Tell Eli I have some things he can do around MY house if he wants. :)

I hope you have a peaceful day with no O2!!!

Take Care!

jmckeel said...

Tell us the real reason for "losing" the monkey?! That sure is the quickest way to break that habit before surgery!!! Just go COLD :) The handicap pass will be just one advantage to the situation. USE IT! You would be crazy not to. Take care, Abby

jencooper said...

Okay, seriously, he is ADORABLE. I want to come and give him a big kiss!! He is the cutest thing around.

Way to go with no O2. He is really doing awesome!

Good job Eli and Chris....tell Eli that I have TONS of things that he can come and do around my house....I might even pay him $0.50!!