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Thursday, May 08, 2008

I don't think I took any pictures today....because, I'VE LOST MY MIND!

First, Isaac has his well check up this morning. After waiting ONE hour in the waiting room...we get back. Four shots later (no live vaccines)....Mr. Isaac weighed in at a whopping 18 pounds! The nurse actually said, "I think I weighed him wrong...I should re-weigh him." I told her she didn't have to...that's what he weighs...and YES...he is WAY below the curve (poor little thing). We were actually in the waiting room with a lady whose 5 WEEK old baby weighed 15 pounds already! HOLY COW! Because it was taking SO long at the doctors' office...I had to call my neighbor and ask her to pick up Eli if I didn't make it. And...I was LATE. When I got there...they were all walking to her car (I felt bad)...Eli doesn't like to be surprised...he needs to know in advance if there are going to be any changes. Bad Mama!

SO....after school that mom (Susana) and her daughters came over for lunch and just a little play date. The kids were in the back yard playing on the jumping house....THEN Eli came in the house soaking WET! Now..we have TWO NEW RULES (from today...not yesterday's):

Rule #1--We will NOT put the water hose in the jumping house and flood the jumping house and the back yard.
Rule #2--We will NOT take our clothes off and run around in our underwear outside just because we soaked ourselves.

(Does that explain my day with Eli??)

So...I get Eli to take a nap this afternoon because he has a t-ball game at 6:45 and Chris has basketball practice at 6:30. We even have snacks tonight for t-ball...I had the gatorade in ice in the cooler and chips and fruit snacks in a bag! We left the house on time!!! whoop whoop!
We drop Chris off at practice....and we get to Eli's park for his game. AND...I cannot find his team! Joe actually made it to the field on time to watch his game...so, I send him home to check the schedule to make sure we were at the right field. WE WERE NOT! The game started at 5:00 NOT 6:45. I GOT IT WRONG!!! AND I HAD SNACKS (that I switch with another mom for because she couldn't come)... I felt SO BAD...My tummy was just churning...I felt like the worst mom ever. I came home and called the coach...but, got his voicemail. I left a message apologizing...probably sounding like such a DORK! My poor little Eli...

Now..the big boys are in bed, Isaac is asleep on the floor...Joe is on my LAST nerve...and I started coughing tonight. I'm taking a benadryl (maybe 2 or 3) and going to bed!

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Mandy said...

Poor Kathy. I thought you have everything in your I-PHONE? Just give us the schedules and we will all remind you daily of where you need to be when.

Did you at least pick Chris up on time?

Vanessa said...

I'm amazed you haven't already lost your mind. You have such a busy schedule I think you need a secretary to handle your schedule. I hope your not sick and you get some rest.


Samantha said...

My friend...the time has come...you need a day to YOURSELF!!! Mandy...come to Vegas and send Kathy to the spa for a day of pampering...hair, nails, toes, massage....

I am so sorry that yesterday (I am writing on Friday) was so awful! Today is sure to be better. Hang in there...call me if you need to talk!

Lots of love!

Samantha said...

One more thing...if YOU are a BAD mama, I am scared...you are by far one of the best moms I have ever met (though not in person yet) and you are NOT allowed to say you are bad ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vaeh's Blog said...

You have a part of you mind left to loose?!? You're doing so much better than me! How do you keep any of it straight? And they say that being a stay at home mommy isn't work - HA! What do they know! Hopefully your Friday goes a little better & you don't have any floods or schedule snafu's!

Have a great weekend & have a

Grandma Judy said...

Oh Kat,
I wish Grandma Jeanne was around to hear about your excitement. She always enjoyed keeping up with all you kids and your exciting times.

When you get old and sit back and read over the blog, you will realize then how "special" you really are.

Eli is old enough to keep up with his games. Show HIM how to read the calendar, and let him mark off the days.

jencooper said...

Oh man - there is no way that I could keep up with all of the things that you have to keep up with.

I am so proud of Isaac for all of his sitting up greatness!!! That is amazing!

Thanks so much for making Gracie's goodies. She looks absolutely adorable!! You are awesome!!