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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just another quickie about our day..because I have not been very good with my time management (and Joe WHINES like a baby when I'm on the computer and not gazing into his eyes!)

Nicole and Mark (speech and developmental specialist) came over this morning. Mark worked with Isaac on eating with the spoon. The two of them did GREAT! Isaac even tried to chew on a cheese puff (not just suck on it). He's turning into a big boy before my eyes. Although...Mark did say it would be a LONG road getting him to eat (I don't know how long a "long" road is...but, I hope it's before Kindergarten!) I just LOVE those two...they REALLY love Mr. Isaac!

Chris is STILL sick. Coughing and making himself throw up. He went to school and was fine...but, of course when he's home...he's dying!

Eli...forced me to play with him today. We had to make clay figures. He painted a picture of me, him, and Isaac on a small canvas (that we HAD to hang on the wall today). The boys changed bedrooms and made me move their TV (because how hard is it to walk down the hall to watch tv)? Eli read a book for his class today (and asked if he could get a prize). He wants a prize for just waking up each day and surprising me with his presence!

Time to get my big guy (that would be Joe) and my little guy (that would be Isaac) to bed...they are BOTH wide awake this late!!!

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Mandy said...

Why is Joe up this late??? He must really be waiting for you to go to bed with him. How sweet!

Tell Chris he has to get better before I come out.

Don't work too hard on the tutu's. Also, tell Isaac great job on still being good and working with Mark.

Samantha said...

I have been reading but not posting comments...I will reread everything later...I am so exhausted!

Glad that Isaac decided to try to chew some cheetos today...Micah will only lick them too :)

Have a wonderful day my friend!

Love ya!

P.S. Love the line about Eli wanting a prize just for waking up in the morning...that is pricesless!

The Jones Family said...

Wow...sounds like you've been having a tough time...hope it starts looking better for you.