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Friday, May 09, 2008

Today was the Mother's day picnic at Eli's school. The kids sung a few songs...we had a little picnic on our blankets...it was perfect! (that's eli in the center with the blue striped shirt on)

AND I wasn't even late!!!

This afternoon, we went to a park...far, far away...to meet up with MJ (mother to Lilly--same heart defect and DiGeorge) and Terri (mom to Matthew). It was GREAT! We had fun letting the kids play and just talking. The weather was perfect...not too hot...but, nice and sunny!

Isaac is doing better today. I had to stop the milk for most of the day...those shots yesterday gave him a fever, which makes him throw up. But, I'm getting ready to start his 10pm feed and I'll put a little milk in it. (he can't grow on pedialyte!!) He's a happy little booger...and that just makes me happy.

WE have a T-BALL game in the morning....and I called the mom I switched with and told her that I'd bring snacks tomorrow. (Joe will make sure we're there on time and at the right time)!
Chris has a basketball game tomorrow night.

Eli and Chris are fighting tonight. I'm sure I'll ground them before the night's over...and we'll all get some sleep!

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Mandy said...

You can tell Eli is your kid. His crocs match his shirt. That kid has to match head to toe. And oh, nice pic of him without his front teeth still. He looks like he's having a fun. I know he's glad you went.

Good luck with him and Chris stopping the fighting. Come on, it's just brothers playing. Like you never faught with me.....

Have a great weekend and tell Eli I'll call him tomorrow. We must plan our birthday parties. (Mine should be at M&M world. Tell Joe I'll bring him some minis back.)

Kiss Isaac for us.

Samantha said...

Glad you had a good Mother's Day picnic...it sounded fun, fun, fun!!! Also glad that you had some time to play at the park!!! That is always nice...and you deserve some time with friends.

Hope that the fighting stopped and the boys are being nice to each other...we had a t-ball game this morning too...Noah actually did really well!!! Yay for Ritalin!!!

Love ya and Happy Mother's Day!!!

Grandma Judy said...

Hey Kat,
So, have you told the kids what to put on your Mother's Day list? You better not leave it up to Eli or you will get some type of action figure and Chris would pick you out a great video game.

I got my flowers today. They are beautiful! Lots of purple ones.
Thanks a million.

Have a good Mother's Day tomorrow.
You're one of the BEST!

cindy said...

I picked Eli out of that picture the second I saw it and I didn't even know I was looking for him! He has never met a camera he doesn't like, has he!! :)

So glad you had a good time at the picnic and hanging out at the park having some grown-up conversation!

Hope you have a great Mother's Day and get spoiled rotten....you deserve it!!! Big hugs to you and those boys!



P.S. Thanks for checking in on the little man so much the past few days...I think I'm getting it now, though! I wasn't gonna pass up the opportunity to kiss on him when he was actually letting me!! My new motto: Lethargy = Love! I can tell he's turned the corner..no more snuggles. Oh, well, it was fun while it lasted! (That is soooo wrong, isn't it!)