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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Uh huh...that's my BIG BOY sitting up all by himself!!!
He looks like a new little man!
Oh...please feed me!!! He still will not eat food...but, everything else goes in his mouth!
My favorite toy....now I can play all day!
I just love myself...I wish I had my glasses so that I could see how good I look today!
Even when I fall down...I can still play with my feet!!!

Our sweet Nicole (from early interventions) and sweet Nora (PT) came over today....and we showed off Isaac's new trick of sitting up!!! They were as happy as I am!!! YEAH FOR ISAAC!!!
My orders are to just keep working on sitting up and we'll work on another area next month!!

Isaac threw up alot yesterday...that's why I didn't post, be kept me pretty busy. Although, late in the day he had a 100 temp...so, I think that was the problem. (and I think that low temp is from the teething!). We have our 1-year well check up tomorrow. That's good...he can check his ears and poor Isaac will have to get shots. We haven't gone to see our immunologist yet about the latest labs, so...I don't know if he can get the live vaccines...so, I'm NOT going to let them give those (better safe!). He's going to be SO mad at me.

My little man laid on my shoulder this week...and just rested his head on my shoulder. HE HAS NEVER done this. He doesn't like to be on his belly...even in an upright position. I almost cried! So, everytime I hold him...I hold him against my chest...and he lays his head on me. I've been waiting ONE LONG YEAR for this...heavenly! AND....he reached for me today. (and not just to pull my hair). He was crying because he was tired....and he held his arms out and just gave me this look...once again...he's trying to make me cry.

THEN...we have Eli. Eli got on the PS3 today while the girls were here...and downloaded some new game demos. He downloaded demos that were rated T (for teen)...which got him in trouble, the fact that he actually downloaded games without permission got him in trouble...and when Chris got home...Eli had messed up the whole system and it's wireless connection...so, he got in trouble again. THEN...Eli took Ritz crackers upstairs today. (whatever keeps him happy). Chris came down the stairs tonight and yelled,
"MOM...Eli made a mess with the crackers. They are all squished up in my bed....and he put the covers over them to hide them!"
So...at 8:30 at night...we were cleaning Christopher's bed and getting all of the crackers out of it!

New rules for Eli:
NO playing video games unless Chris is home to help (even though it gives me peace)
NO eating in your room (even though it gives me 30 minutes of peace)

Chris--He didn't do anything wrong today. He's been doing his chores like a champ, doing good in school...just perfect in every way!

I did have "forced family time" tonight. I made them all (except Joe...he was at work) go for a walk tonight....I even made Chris take the dog! It was fun. Isaac didn't seem too happy though...he was just looking around like, "what's all this? where is my tv...my music??"

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Krista said...

Oh my gosh...those pics almost make me cry! How awesome is Isaac...he does look like a whole new man..his smile is awesome. I'm sure he's lovin' it...sitting up opens up such a whole new world!

I'm so sorry you're fighting the throw-up thing though...ughghg...I'll shoot up lots of prayers for that to stop...NOW!

As far as Eli...don't you hate it when the punishments hurt you probably more than the kids...

love ya friend...

Vanessa said...

Oh Kathy...thank you so much, I needed to see that amazing picture of your little man. Well not so little any more, look at him sitting up!! He looks great! I was going to print that picture up of him so I could put in on my desk, I turn on the printer, get the paper out, and cartridge is empty. That stinks, but I will have to get that one printed. He just warms my heart.

Oh by the way I took Arianna's measurements the other day and was going to email you but I'm just leaving it here. Her waist is 17..oh no I forget, maybe 18 inches. Do you need anything else. I can't wait to put her in a tutu! :)

Can you believe Krista's progress with Kate's Kart. I just love that woman!!

Well I better go to sleep cause I have an appointment in the morning...yes can you believe it this time it's actually for me.

Take Care!


Samantha said...

Those pictures are the best!!! I am so proud of how much that little man is doing!!! Yay Isaac!!! He looks so grown up!!! Your Eli stories crack me up! He and Noah are so much alike! I am glad that at least one of your kids is behaving himself! Way to go Chris!!!! Love the forced family time...I think we will do that tonight (oh wait...Noah might have tball practice...better go check on that). Sorry that the little one is being a throw up stinker...can't wait to hear what tooth is coming in!

Good luck at the peds office today...let us know his stats!!! He is growing like weed!!!

Love ya!

P.S. You can't go 2 days without posting...we all start to withdraw from the Roller family!

Vaeh's Blog said...

He looks wonderful sitting up like a big man! Now you're in trouble. It starts with sitting & the next thing you know they're into everything! LOL!

We've had the throw ups here, too. Although Vaeh is bringing up a lot of mucus (probably from her pneumonia in March) so I want her to get that out.

Enjoy those moments when he wants held! Every one of them is a precious memory! Vaeh has a habbit of as soon as anyone comes in the room she holds her arms up so she can get out of her chair. But she knows that she has to wait until she's done with a feed, & as soon as the alarm goes off that she's done she wants up!

Hope you all have a good day! Take care!


The Portas said...

He DOES look like a new man! Isn't it funny how much more grown up they look when they're sitting. It's a whole new perspective. I LOVE that toy! We want one!

Ohhh! You got the reach! Elijah has only JUST started doing this as well. It is heavenly!

I think Eli is going to keep you guys running. What a little stinker! A cute stinker!

Good luck at the well visit today!

Joe! Don't work too hard!
I love that you had family time.

Andrea said...

Isaac looks like such a big boy sitting up all by himself! I'm glad you had so many precious moments yesterday, you SO deserve them! I hope the appointment goes well today and good job for holding back on those live virus vaccines until you have blood work!
PS Ava loved her dress! I got some cute pictures of her in it that I'll send to you.

Mandy said...

Yeah for Isaac. I know you're really doing this because you are getting ready for Meghan. We can't wait until we get to come over and play.

It's nice to see that Eli is getting in trouble. He's finally turning into a litte Seth. But then again, Seth doesn't know how to download stuff from the PS3. Tell Eli he isn't allowed to show Seth how to do that.

And Chris..... he know that you are happy and Eli is getting himself in trouble so he's finally learned NOT to get on your nerves. FINALLY..... he learns!!

cindy said...

Awwww....thanks for the visual of the snuggliness! I don't get it often, but there is just nothing like when these little boys are actually wanting their momma!! I really can't get over how much more grown up Isaac is looking! It's such an "all of a sudden" thing!

Poor Eli..I'll bet he just felt like he couldn't do anything right all day! Chris was probably trying to restrain himself from jumping up and down because he wasn't the one getting into trouble!!

Enjoy the rest of your day!!


Colin's Blog said...

Isaac looks great and that is so exciting that he is sitting up!! Such great news!! Colin hates his belly too and has the throw ups as well!! Colin and Isaac are so alike!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and love your updates on the boys!! That Eli is too funny-I am a middle child also and we always have to make a name for ourselves!!

TimnKatienElinSam said...

Thanks for the info. Your post today brought tears to my eyes. It is so wonderful how the things that so many parents take for granted become so important to those who have had to wait so long for those moments. They are SO worth the wait! Enjoy hugging that adorable little man. I just cannot get over how BEAUTIFUL your family is! And that little Eli is a riot! Our Eli is pretty tricky as well....maybe it is the name?!

Katie Yoder

TimnKatienElinSam said...

I meant to say so many milestones that parents take for granted...oops!