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Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is Isaac's hair after a bath....soo cute!

Sideview of the the curls. They're just not lovely locks like Elijah's...that's why I brush them out!
He poses for the camera now...
OK...here are the dork glasses. I like the green rectangle glass MUCH better!
Chillin' in his bouncy seat. Eating the fingers...instead of the glasses.
Oh wait...I think I spoke too soon...
Uh huh...what's he looking at??
YIKES!! They're headed for the mouth! Yes...he has scratched the NEW glasses already!
there he goes...licking them like a lollipop!
OK...so, I take the glasses away...and he goes for the bucket. Maybe he just likes
to eat plastic!!
Look at that little man....I could eat him up!
Here's what Chris had to do for punishment...play games with Eli!!!
Chris is MISERABLE....Eli is in HEAVEN!
They BOTH fell off the mat at the same time!
So...we're trying the glasses again!
Ok...I'll eat my block instead.
So....the glasses are ok....I plan on going to this infant glasses store in San Francisco when we're in Cali next month.

Isaac woke up throwing up again. WIERD! Because...he tolerates his feeds just fine throughout the day. (well....he wretched a horrible wretch tonight...but, kept it down!)

After we dropped Eli off at school this morning...he gave me explicit orders to go and pick his teacher up a cake and ask them to write on it "Best Teacher Ever"...and we did (it's teacher appreciation week)...

Eli had a t-ball game tonight....and a ball hit him in his head. But...no worries...he's ok...I asked the coach to just put him outfield for the rest of the game!

Here's your funny story:
At the mother's day picnic last week, the kids sang a song to the tune of "Bingo":
I have a mother and she loves me and mommy is her name O
you get it...

So...Eli's been singing this around the house (sing it in the same tune):
I love me and I love myself and ELI is my name O
he does the clapping...the repeating...just sings it ALL day long!
Boys...you just have to love them!

***NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK will be on the Today show Friday morning!!!! (I remembered Jen!!)

That's all that I can remember for today...the big boys are in bed and Isaac is just rolling around...doesn't look like he's sleeping anytime soon!

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Krista said...

I'm trying my best to keep up with your crazy day! I love the photo stories of your days. I agree about the glasses...not as cute...but still pretty darn cute.

I just love the pics of him sittin up..adorable!

Mandy said...

I like the glasses. And it's funny that poor Chris has to play with Eli. I'm sure this is more punisment then anything you could give him.

Now about NKOTB, are you really wanting to go to the concert when/if they go to Vegas. We'll make mom take us.

Kelly said...

Harry Potter if I must say so! He's a cutie no matter what he wears! =) Glad your day was better than yesterday!

I took a few pictures of Aubrey yesterday in her tutu. I don't know if I'll be able to get any of her sleeping with it on... but I will continue to attempt. She looks like a little princess in her tutu! My husband just rolled his eyes. Ha.

Mandy said...

Sorry Kat. I just looked and NKOTB are staying in the New England area and in Canada for their tours in 2008. :(

Vanessa said...

Are you kidding those guys are still around. I'll have to watch it tomorrow.

I like the new glasses Kathy! He looks so adorable. Thanks for all the pics. Gotta love making Chris play with Eli. I am the youngest so I know how Eli feels. At least it looks like they had fun.

I think that is just adorable that Eli made you get his teacher a cake. I wish I could of seen her face.

Well better go to bed since it's pretty late. Take Care!

Samantha said...

You always make me laugh when you narrate the pictures. Isaac is just precious! Chris and Eli look like they had fun...Chris was smiling so cute in one of the pictures. I cannot wait until my kids are able to play "nicely" with each other...until then it is like a small war zone over here :)

I like the new glasses...I too preferred the green rectangles, but he enjoyed eating them too much! I wish I could think of a way to keep them on his eyes for you and out of his mouth...why oh why do they always want to eat things that are not food? Same with Micah!

I love Eli's song...too cute...no self-esteem issues there!

I am going to post some pictures and video to the other site today...you WILL want to check it out! It is of a little princess wearing some adorable tutus and DANCING in them! She is SO excited. Micah loves his mouse paci too...the girls at the cardiologists office wanted your info...I am going to bring them your card next time...I gave them your website info though...they LOVED the two pacifiers you have made my Mouse! See...I am already working to get you more business! And YES, we NEED a tutu tank! She wears a 4T shirt if that is what you need (as you have seen, we have a bit of a belly ;)) Let me know what you are charging for them...and it must have the princess crown...oh my!!!

Have a great day my friend...you will enjoy your NKOTB...I was never a fan of them...how did that happen? hmmmm....

Love ya!

Vaeh's Blog said...

Okay, you're dating yourself with the mention of NKOTB!! LOL

Love those pictures - what handsome little men! I'm tellin' ya, you're gonna have your hands busy when they're all teenagers! And those cheeks! I could just pinch 'em all day, not to mention the curls!

Hope you're Friday goes well!

Heart Hugs,

The Portas said...

I love the pics!! And I think the glasses are adorable. He's such a little sweetie pie. I want to give him a big squeeze!

Nice song, Eli! I love it! :)

Have a good weekend!

jmckeel said...

Yep, the green square glasses look better. That's okay. He'll just have as many glasses as he does shirts! I'll make sure I tell James about Chris. That's tooo funny :) Abby

Kimberly said...

I love the glasses on Isaac. Course, I think he'd look cute in anything. I like the curls too, all my kids have straight, straight hair.

cindy said...

I've punished Steph the same way....making her play with her brother! The ultimate punishment!

Love the pics....too cute! I think he looks like the cabbage patch kid that wears the glasses!

Funny Eli song. The kid cracks me up!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!!!

Love ya,