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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our Friday started off with Field Day for ELI!!!
He had a blast!!! He didn't know what to expect at "field day"...he asked me TONS of questions...like: "are there board games? Are there video games? Do we HAVE to race?
It was the perfect weather for the day...and I was SO happy that Isaac was happy and healthy...and that we could attend! (Isaac slept all morning in his stroller...just an angel!)

OK...now before you see the next group of pictures....just know that I LOVE my Isaac...and I did NOT harm him in the making of these pictures. He actually kept the glasses on for about 30 minutes. Then, he pulled them AND the TAPE off! (It's the tape that I use to hold the canula on his cheeks). I really don't know how to keep these glasses on his face. If you have any ideas...let me know...they have a strap...but, that doesn't work either!!!

See...look at how happy he looks! I give up...he'll just never see clearly until he's old enough for Lasix!

We had a t-ball game this morning....and I'm a FRIED little chicken!!! WHOoooHOoooo....I'll have to start putting my sunscreen on. AND....on Monday, their game is at 5:00...and it's going to be 105!!! We're going to MELT!

Oh..and one more thing...look at my latest creation...You'll have to look at the store site to see ALL of the new creations...but, I just LOVE this one!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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Mandy said...

Finally, you give us pics. Chris was telling me Friday that you were out having snowcones with Eli. Doesn't that boy ever pay attention to where you tell him your going.

It's great to see that Eli had a blast. And are you going to take pics of you being burned?

Now, you are making Isaac look like a NERD!!! Stop putting the tape in the middle of his face. We will find something for you.

Have a great Sunday and go get some sunscreen. But then again, you're sooooooo white you could use the sun. :) love ya

Mandy said...
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Vaeh's Blog said...

105?!?! Okay, maybe I'll stop complaining about Ohio weather! I don't think I could handle that heat, & I KNOW Miss Vaeh couldn't! Glad that you got to enjoy Eli's field day. I'm gonna miss Gabby's (first) last day of preschool:0( Oh well, there'll be many more!

I think those glasses are too cute, even with the tape! Maybe just shorten it a bit & it'll make him look like a rocket scientist! Very intelligent! Hope you're having a great weekend!

Samantha said...

OMG!!! Everyone is precious!!! I love the field day pictures...I cannot wait until next year when Noah has his!!! I always hated field day as a kid because I am about as athletic as the floor...I do not like exercise!

Isaac looks too cute! I love the tape on the glasses...I wish it would have worked for you!

The new tutu is TOO CUTE!!! Leah wore the polka dot one to dance yesterday and everyone loved it!!! We had to go into Starbucks (she had a potty emergency) and everyone stared at her and commented how cute...then after dance I brought her to the grocery store in it! She was adorable!!! Thank you again!!! Now that you are getting really good at this, you should get in with the dance studios and make tutus for them! I know that Leah's dance costume looks like something you could easily make...of course, you will have to wait to see those pictures bc I am afraid of it! Two weeks until the big recital day!

Have a great weekend! Thank you so much for the pictures!!!

Love ya!

crabby old man said...


The Portas said...

The pics of Eli at field day are so cute! And Isaac is just the sweetest little man. I want to eat him up! I'd say do whatever it takes to keep those glasses on his face (the tape worked for a while!) until he gets used to them enough to not want to take them off. They are SO CUTE on him! I think I'll go buy Elijah some glasses with no prescriptions. ;)

The tutu is beautiful! Great job making it.


Vanessa said...

Looks like Eli had a blast! Isn't it great to have such nice weather...until we start roasting. LOL!

I wish I could help in the glasses department but I am just as clueless as you are.

And that tutu...HOW ADORABLE!!! I'm amazed you didn't put Isaac in it! LOL! You know he is going to kill you for showing us the tutu pics one day.

It's so great to see Isaac doing well and sitting up! I'm so proud of him.

Love ya,

jencooper said...

Oh my Kathy! Gracie Lou is going to have to have a 4th of July tutu. That is the cutest thing! She will look so adorable.

Eli is adorable. I hoe that he had a wonderful time at field day!

Isaac is such a smoochy. He is such a cutie pie. I can't wait to meet him - and you!


Andrea said...

I may not be able to wait until Audrey is walking for a tutu. I have been looking for a cute 4th of July outfit for her and that tutu is the cutest one I have seen. She could wear it around all day right?

It was good visiting with you at church. I am always looking for a detour on my way back to Primary :)

Reading about Eli at Kindgergarten makes me feel a little better about Tyler starting school this fall. I really don't want it to happen, but I am sure it will be fine...he probably won't even miss being home with me all day when they do such fun things at school.

jmckeel said...

How CUTE Isaac, I see your 2 front teeth!!! About time Mom got a picture of them for us. Even though she was just getting the pic of the tape. haha :) Love, Abby
Oh yea, the July 4th outfit is adorable!