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Thursday, May 01, 2008

I have SO much to tell you about today...I just hope that I can remember it all!!

First....Isaac stayed off the O2 all night....then, woke up THROWING up! So, I checked his sats...and they were in the mid 90s...but, I hooked him up anyway...and he's been fine all day. I suppose this means that my little man needs PURE oxygen in his body to function properly.

Then, Eli gets his progress report. He's a "superstar kindergartner"!!! He's at or above all areas...YEAH ELI!!!

That leads us to the next picture. Chris and Eli were playing upstairs and Eli ran into the stair rail....his mouth was bleeding and the side of his face is scratched up. After his tears stopped...he fell asleep on the couch (with the rag in his mouth)!

Then, Isaac fell asleep...
Then, I had to wake them BOTH up to take Chris to basketball practice. We took Eli's homework and did that while we watch the practice.

Here's a video of Isaac tonight. This is the ONLY sound that he makes. He's screaming every time a commercial for "Go Diego Go" comes on...and we keep rewinding it. ***OH....Isaac sat up BY HIMSELF for 2 minutes today!!!***

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!!!

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Mandy said...

What do you mean, "oh... Isaac sat up." That should have been at the top of the post. Great job Icky.

And now to Lick and Sto. I hope you didn't get mad at Chris for Eli getting hurt. (Which I'm sure you did.) Tell Eli great job on his progress report. He's a little nerd just like his mommy. Oh, mom is going to get you for letting him cry himself to sleep. Just you wait.

Tell Chris we want all A's on his report card. We would hate for Eli to do better then him.

Have a great Friday. I'll call in between the doctors and Mothers Day Tea with Seth.

Christy said...

Kat- That is just perfect. All you need to do is watch that and you have to have a good day. Or you can just walk around doing what Icky does. All your kids are characters, I love it. Keep those clips coming. It makes my day


Grandma Susie said...

What a cute video - I miss those little guys!
Eli is so smart! Good job buddy, your off to a great start in school. Give him a kiss from grandma & grandpa for his boo boo on the stairs.
We would love to see Chris playing basketball - by any chance do you have any footage of that? (not that you don't have enough to do) Love you!

Colin's Blog said...

That video was adorable!! Isaac you are such a cutie!! Colin just screams too-the only other thing that comes out of his mouth is ma! I think it's because they don't eat!!

Yes-Colin is on continuous feeds through a J tube so, he doesn't throw up his formula (he jsut throws up bile). He still throws up but, less than when he was bolus fed. After his 1st open heart surgery he just couldn't handle bolus feeds. I'm hoping as he grows he will be able to bolus again!! Plus-you can't bolus through the J-tube anyway so, we will have to wait until we get a g tube for that. Have a great weekend!!

Samantha said...

OMG Kathy...he is so adorable! I love that video...It is so nice to get to know his personality through video. Thank you so much for posting!!!

I hope you have a great day...I just sent you a long email about all that other stuff!

Love ya!!!

The Portas said...

Isaac sat up for TWO MINUTES?! That is great news! Yay Isaac! Pretty soon you'll be sitting all the time!

The noise is so cute. What a cute video. I just want to pinch those sweet cheeks!

jmckeel said...

Good Job Isaac!!! I saw him trying to pull himself/head up during the video! Isaac's noises are sooo cute :) What else does he do it at, anything? Take care, Abby

jencooper said...

Wahoo! Way to go Isaac! 2 minutes is amazing! I am so proud of you.

I love the video. That little voice is just the cutest. He has such a cute personality.

I love his Mr. Mischief shirt. Bennett has that shirt - I think that it is the cutest!!


Kelly said...

What a cute little man! He's making GREAT progress! Sitting on his own is fabulous! What a cute video. He knows how to get his point across. Dang girl, you're one busy Momma!

Vaeh's Blog said...

Wow - 2 minutes is great! And that video was absolutely adorable! Before you know it he'll be crawling around and into everything! Thanks for checking in on us & for thinking about us! This is actually the best I've done (emotionally) leading up to one of her procedures! And don't worry a bit, if Mommy & Daddy don't spoil her, everyone else will! Thanks again!

Tina Walp:0)

Dina said...

I know I have not posted in awhile but I am keeping up on Isaac and your boys. Isaac is the most adorable thing. And I love those tu-tus you are making - good stuff - but of course I'm partial to girly stuff:)


Vanessa said...

I feel so out of the loop. I should be getting my speech reading for tomorrow but I wanted to check on my heart babies first.

First of all...how adorable is Isaac!! I can't wait to come love on that little man. Seriously I could eat him up.

I'm still anxious for you to get the MRI results. Looks like we're both doing some waiting. I hate this part.

I am so happy to see Isaac was off O2 for a little while. That is improvement and I am dancing in my chair just reading it!! GO ISAAC!

About the tutu...we'd LOVE one. What measurements do you need? Just her waist, I'm assuming. Let me know how much it is. You do some amazing work.

Well I better get some things done before it gets too late.

Take Care!


P.S. I am THRILLED to hear Isaac sat by himself. He will be sitting up before you know it.