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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Well...well...Joe had to work this morning...but, I was able to get me and the boys out the door and to church (on time!)..YEAH!
Isaac slept for most of it...then, wanted to be pushed around in his stroller for the remaining part. He felt a little warm to me...and when we got home, YEP...he had a slight fever. Now, he's still on his antibiotics for his ears...so, it could be a teething fever (I think his top teeth are trying to come through!). BUT, then he threw up (about 2 ounces of yuck), I checked his sats...and he was back in the high 80s...ISAAC! So, the canula is back up his nose...but, ever since putting it back on...he's been sleeping like an angel.
TOMORROW...we see our immunologist. THis is IMPORTANT because he SHOULD have all of the results from our last labs taken at the hospital....and that includes his t-cell count. If they are the same..it just means that he's still immune compromised..and we have to watch who he's around. If they are greater than the last set...then, he's doing AWESOME...if they are LOWER...we're headed to CA for bone marrow studies. I think he'll do great though...(my fingers and toes are crossed!)

I'm SO glad that the boys are headed back to school tomorrow. I think Chris is a little nervous. Eli would just like to live at school with his teacher...he loves her (and so do we!).

Joe....would like us to send him away to boarding school for a break.

Hope everyone has a good week...and think of us tomorrow at 5:00 at Eli's t-ball game in 107 degree weather!!! (I'm sure we'll be dripping with sweat and stinky!!!)

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cindy said...

I am saying big huge prayers for everything to go well at the immunologist tomorrow so no trip to CA for a yucky bone marrow study is needed! (Yep, fingers and toes crossed, too!)

Just caught up on all the new pics. Field Day looked like a blast and the first thing I noticed (besides the tape) was that Isaac's glasses matched his outfit! Too cute!

You just know you're going to miss those two boys of yours when they're not with you 24/7 this week! ;) Tell Chris to go to school with his head held high!!!

Love ya,


Mandy said...

Okay Kat. I'm only sharing my bone marrow with one person. Don't make me pick. We will all call you tomorrow afternoon to remind you of the game. :) Have a great day and text me after you see the doc. Or you could call if you want.

Christy said...

Mandy what are you talking about, me and Icky have the same. So it would be me. That is just what Kat needs is a little one just like me :)

See you are blessed Kat to have sister's that are already willing to say " Me first" :)


The Portas said...

Now as it gets hotter there in Vegas, I can tell you about our BEAUTIFUL Minnesota spring weather! I owe you for all the times during the winter when I had to see your boys swimming in your pool as we were shivering in our boots! :)

I hope Isaac is feeling better today. Maybe it is just a few teeth coming in. I'm very eager to hear the report from the immunologist (that's a hard word to type). All of my fingers and toes are crossed as well!

Joe! You're working too hard! I'll send Dan down there to relieve you for a bit. Aren't I nice to volunteer my hubby like that?

jmckeel said...

That's right, all that bragging about the weather a month ago. It sure did get HOT fast didn't it! I hope all goes well with the Dr visit today. Isaac your in our prayers. Love, Abby

Colin's Blog said...

Prayers for a good report from the immunologist. Colin always has a minor temp too!! Isaac and Colin are so much alike!! We started giving him pedialtye for 2 hours every morning instead of mixing it into his food. Took his fever right away this morning!! We'll see if it helps for more than just a day!!

Vaeh's Blog said...

I think you should keep the 107 degree weather out west! Its supposed to be in the low 40's tonight! Sorry that Isaac is still a little under the weather :0( Hopefully he starts to feel better soon!

Good luck at the immunologist!


Mina said...

Wow, I just spent some time reading some of your updates. Life must never be boring with three boys in the house. My two keep me busy enough, and if it weren't for my girl, I'd be bald just pulling my hair out! And Isaac is adorable, curls and all!