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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hi...I'm just eating my puppy. He's quite tasty!
OK...now I'm eating my toy. I wish my mom would feed me!
I'm still hungry! I LOVE my toy bucket. I like to pull all the blocks out and then eat the bucket!
hmmmm....I need to watch television now.
What?!?! GEEZ....stop taking those pictures!
Ok...I'll smile for you!
(mom said you should look at me...I'm sitting up straight--for the first time--I usually lean to the side and have to be reclined back in my high chair!)
Close up...CHEESE!!!
CHEESE PUFFS...thank goodness! I've been starving all day long!
Hi Chris (he's hiding behind he wall..but, I can see him...he's not very sneaky!)

You can't tell by these pics today....but, my little man threw up THREE times before 9am today! So, we're half milk-half pedialyte feeds...and look at him. (he just doesn't understand that he can't grow drinking pedialyte everyday!) After we got the feeds straight today...he had a great day. This really was the first time that he's sat up straight in his high chair. He sucked on about 20 cheese puffs, had a little baby food, and was too tired to take it any more and needed to be laid down (he's only got about 15mins sitting up...and then it's just too much). He's still on the O2 (as you can see)....but, doing great. STILL....no news on the labs. We see Dr. Mayman next week and he'll find them for me! (so, I'm not too worried)

Chris stayed home today. Just coughing.....and coughing...and throwing up because he'd cough too hard!

ELI....do you know what that stinker did today!?? Let me tell you:
The boys are upstairs getting ready for bed, I'm in the kitchen picking up things. I go to the table to push in one of the chairs...and on the chair cover is written in black ink:
"Why R you so Mean?"
I said, "Joe...look at this!!! Look what Eli did!!"
He said, "No...Eli doesn't write that neat...I can't believe Chris wrote on the chair!"
I yelled for the boys to come downstairs....and I asked them who did it...
and it was ELI! He was mad at me today because I wouldn't do something when he wanted it done (I don't even remember)....
He's such a STINKER!

I suppose I should try to be nicer to him tomorrow. He does seem to get lost in the shuffle more than he should...but, GOSH...he doesn't need to write it in ink how bad I AM!!!! I'll probably go to the bathroom tomorrow and find words written on the walls about me!!!

The boys got new bunkbeds and they were delivered today. Their snoozing away right now!!!
Joe's snoozing, Isaac's snoozing....I'm outta here!!!

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Mandy said...

Sweet. New beds. I think we will come this weekend and try them out. And with Memorial Day, the outlet stores will have GREAT sells.

So tell Chris to get better, tell Isaac Meghan will be there soon to play, tell Eli Seth will be there to get on his nerves and tell Joe to hide!! :)

Call me

Grandma Susie said...

Very sweet pictures Kathy -Isaac looks so good, your doing a great job.
What a stinker Eli is, I hope you made him clean up the ink on the chair :)
Chris, get better soon!
Give Joe & the boys a kiss for us - we love you all.

The Portas said...

ELI!! Your mama isn't mean! She does a lot, so go give her a big hug. :)

Isaac does look so good. Look at him sitting up like such a big boy. Sorry to hear about the throwing up. Hopefully his little body will get things straightened out!

Chris, you get better, too!

Grandma Judy said...

I just told you yesterday that the big boys needed some attention.
You really need to get some type of in home care so they can watch Isaac while you do things with the BIG boys.

Isaac looks just adorable sitting up. You've done a ggod job with him! Now it's time to start to work on ELI.

Good luck!

Vaeh's Blog said...

Don't worry, Gabby tells me that I've "ruined her life." She's just young enough that she can't write it yet! I can only imagine how things will be in 5 years when the hormones start! UGH!

Isaac looks great! I wish he'd give Vaeh lessons on how to munch on those cheese puffs!

I'd love to see the super girl cape! She's now our little Wonder Woman!

Hoping you've had a good week!

Kelly said...

Gosh Kathy... he looks GREAT! Check him out sitting up by himself! He's working hard to impress all his lady friends! =) I love his big dark eyes! Handsome fellow!

Vanessa said...

I can't believe he wrote on your chair...what a stinker!!!

I love all the pics of Isaac sitting up. What a big boy he is. I hope he holds his milk down tomorrow.

Get some rest!

jmckeel said...

Didn't you ever call your mama mean at some point or another? We ALL DID! But his expressive side is a little on the smart side :) Abby