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Thursday, May 29, 2008

uh...huh...that's my princess Eli!!! He humored me by putting on the tiara!
yep....still crazy Eli!
I tried to get a picture of Chris...
but, he's not showing me any smiles!
Here's my butterball snoozing today.
oohhhh....just so angelic!
This was yesterday sitting up like a big boy!
No time to look at me...the television is on!
and still eats EVERYTHING but food!

We have our follow up with our ped tomorrow to check on Isaac's ears...and poor Chris has to get a HEP A shot in the afternoon.

I emailed the GREAT doc that does the thymus transplants at Duke...I hope she emails me back!

I'll keep you updated on that. Next week he gets his EEG! It better show a big fat NOTHING...or i'll need to take a vacation!!!

Sweet dreams...it's bedtime!

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Grandma Judy said...

I can't believe how that baby has grown.....and it seems like all of a sudden. I'm still reading about thymus transplants. Looks very promising though!

crabby old man said...

those 3 boys are good looking enough to be kin to ME. ,Just jokeing .They are 3 nice looking young men.
May God Bless the Rollers

The Portas said...

The pics of Isaac sleeping are absolutely precious. He looks so peaceful. He looks like such a big boy sitting up! It's cute how his legs go straight out in front of him. Elijah's look different and go to the side (I think because of his big belly).

Keep us posted on the ear situation! I hope you guys had sweet dreams last night and that you have a great weekend!

p.s. Did you watch Lost??

Samantha said...

Love all the pictures...those boys are so adorable!!! The EEG will show nothing...but even if it does show something, we all know that Isaac is an amazing little boy who can do anything! He is so special!

I can't wait to hear what the Duke doctor has to say.

I am assuming that Joe will help you out the night before the EEG...trying to go at the sleep deprived bit solo is not fun and you will need some help.

Love ya!

cindy said...

I read yesterday to check on the results of the appt but didn't get to post....the thymus transplant = encouraging. Extended hospitsl stay = yucky! Can't wait to hear what the doc from Duke says. And yes, you are there for a reason. I say that about us, too. We had no idea we would even have a Jakey and we just happened to move to Dallas a few months before I "mysteriously" got pregnant. I have always been so grateful to have gone through all this medical stuff here instead of Tuscaloosa, AL, where we lived for 10 yrs before moving here! God puts us where we are supposed to be to get the best care...I'm convinced of that!

Those Roller boys are just "to die for cute"! Eli is a serious ham. He would probably wear anything if it meant getting his picture taken!! ;)

Love ya!


Colin's Blog said...

What beautiful boys!! Isaac does look like an angel in that picture where he is sleeping. Hoping that you get a response from Duke very quickly!!

The Domanicos

Andrea said...

Hi Kathy,
Your boys are so precious. And I would say that Chris is pretty smart to avoid the camera considering the pictures of Eli that you post for all the world to see! I remember discussing the option of transplant with our immunologist. Drew's counts did increase with time though, so we didn't have to go that route. Does your doctor plan to have Isaac tested every month? I know it's no fun to have lots of blood draws, but it might be good to see if his levels increase at all with time. Hang in there mama!

Dina said...

I am just so amazed by your attitude and positive spin on everything. While some people (me maybe) might curl up in a ball with all of the information you have been giving - you continue to see the glass as half full instead of half empty. I admire you for that.
Your boys are as handsome as ever.


jmckeel said...

Pictures of a sleeping baby are the best :) I found good, informative info yesterday on thymus transplants. She's a genious uh? Take care, Abby

Vanessa said...

Eli will hate you one day for posting these pics. LOL! Chris is smart enough to try and hide from you. And Isaac....what an angel. He melts my heart when I see his pictures.

jencooper said...

What an angel baby!! Seriously - he is such a doll! I want to come to Vegas and smooch on him (of course - I would be very healthy!!)

Eli is such a cutie! And - I think that Chris MAY be such a cutie - but since he never lets us see his face....

I can't wait to hear what the doctor from Duke has to say!!


Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

You're so cute.. I love the pics...
the boys are so adorable...

you're such a good mum.