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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Eli asked tonight if he could make a video....a video about playing basketball. I said, "Eli, the basketball is laying down". NOT a problem for Eli...
So...I got off my lazy bum, put Isaac in the bouncy seat outside, and videotaped my man Eli explaining how you play basketball.

Not much to report today. Chris got an A+ on MY, I mean, HIS project. It was "treasure box" day for Eli at school today. and Isaac...another "throw up free" day and no O2!! whoo hooo!!!
I even cleaned the guest room.

Today (the 29th) is Mandy's (one of my little sisters) birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANDY...can't wait to see you this weekend...we've got SHOPPING to do (don't tell JOE!)

So...our appointment with immunology is at 8am...I will take GOOD notes and update when I get home (I'm shaking in my boots!)

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Colin's Blog said...

Will be hoping and praying that you get some good news at the immunology appt today. Keep us posted!!


The Portas said...

ELI, you are soooo cute! I love the video! And I love that it was done without a standing hoop. :)

Yay for the good day! Please update with the immunology report...I'll be thinking about you.

Happy birthday, sister Mandy! xoxo

Grandma Judy said...

WOW Eli,
You are going to be famous.

Vanessa said...

Love the video Eli!

I'll be waiting for your update.

Happy Birthday Mandy!