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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

You'd better sit down for my day....it's been a CRAZY oNE!
(i will post pics tomorrow...i'm too distraught!)

Isaac wakes up and gives us his morning throw up! uurrghhh

Chris gets off to school...Eli gets off to school.

Isaac's new glasses are in...so, we go and get them. THey are NOT too cute...but, they're suppose to help his see (that's the point). And...I still can't keep them out of his mouth. I'm going to duck tape them to his nose! When we get home with the new glasses...there's a voicemail from CHRISTOPHER"S school...it's the nurse....he's been in an altercation!
my sweet little Chrissy????!!!
I go to the school...and YEP....he's got a bruise on the side of his face....and THREE days of suspension! It doesn't matter that the other kid started it, that Chris was defending himself, that the other kid has a wrap sheet, that Chris has NEVER even been tardy....he's suspended too because he fought back.
hhhmmm....how do you punish your little angel, who was just sticking up for himself??
I called Joe and we both talked to Chris....and he's grounded from tv, video games, and computer while he's suspended...but...I didn't spend the day yelling at him. I hugged him and we talked about how he could handle the situation better next time....(because he's a little guy...and there will probably be "next times"...)
oh...my sweet Chris. Anyone that knows him knows that he is an ANGEL...seriously. I'm not just biased...somehow I won a bet in Heaven....and was granted true angels here on earth. (seriously)...

**Oh...Isaac...(because I forgot for a moment that you might wonder how his day went). He's still off the O2, just that one time throwing up (good morning to you mom is what I get everydaY!), he ate a few cheese puffs today (ok..sucked them until they were nubs), he's still sitting up like a champ, will NOT keep those glasses out of his mouth.....he's perfect in every way!
So...I know that you're dying to see the new glasses, Christopher's new shiner...and Eli's silly grin...but, my head is throbbing from today's events....and my sleep number bed is calling my name...Kathy...Kathy....so....I promise pics tomorrow!

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Mandy said...

Hey. Tell Chris I will call him later so we can finish our conversation. Poor boy, don't be too rough on him. You seem to be taking it all pretty well. I thought for sure you and Joe would be ready to KILL him.

I still think Eli is having a blast with this. Now he really is the favoriate kid.

And good job with Isaac. It's nice that there are no cords wrapped around his face. I'm sure he moves more now with them off.

Vanessa said...

I am just happy he stood up for himself. It's so rough at that age. I think your handling this perfectly...but hello..you always do!

I'm so proud of Isaac for staying off the O2! I can't wait to see the pics. I'm about to pass out at the computer too...so I'm off to bed!

Ta ta,

Grandma Susie said...

Tell Chris that I said I'm so sorry that happened to him "I love you Chris, I know thats a scary thing . . . but you had to defend yourself and you'll find that it's probably worth a few restrictions at home". As for the suspension - thats just school policy, it's not personal - everybody still loves you". (Well, maybe not the guy who took a swing at ya.) My sweet Chris, are you okay?
How about you Kathy, are you okay?

We love seeing the pics of Isaac sitting up, he looks like such a big boy, grinning and sitting there so cute.

It's late now but I'll call tomorrow.
Love ya all.

Grandma Judy said...

Well, I've already voiced my opinions about calling the school, hiring and attorney, and having the other boy arrested for assault, but you didn't like my suggestions. But, I too am on Chris' side. He would NEVER do anything like that! He's MY baby!!!

I can't wait to see Isaac and his glasses.

Hope your day today is uneventful.

The Portas said...

Chris! Oh no!! I'm so sorry about the altercation. :( And I'm so sorry that he got hit! Poor guy. Give him a hug for me.

No throwing up today, Isaac!

YES, we want pics!!

Samantha said...

Oh Kathy...that was a rotten day! I am so sorry that Chris got suspended, that does not seem truly fair to me at all...are you suppose to just sit back and let someone beat you up? Seriously? I am picturing Duct Tape around Isaacs nose and laughing...even on a bad day you have tons of humor!

Here is to a much better day today.

Lots of love!

Colin's Blog said...

Wow-what a day!! Hope today is better....be good for your mama boys!!

Looking forward to updated pics!

Vaeh's Blog said...

What a day?!?! I can't imagine how I would begin to handle that situation, but you sound like you have a good handle on it!

I agree with Samantha - I want to see the duct tape picture!

Hope you have a good day! I'll be updating as we know something!


crabby old man said...

If he didn't start it he had to defend his self. Do not be to hard on him.
You may need to get Issac strawberry flavored glasses

Sarah said...

I had to post b/c I'm jealous. A Sleep Number Bed? I'm pouting.... I guess you do deserve it though, but even you said you had little angels. Did you read my last post that Evan broke the glass out of his Mamaw's curio? I NEED A SLEEP NUMBER BED!

cindy said...

Oh my gosh....what a tough "parent situation" to be in. While grounding him from things while he's suspended you must have also been wanting to yell "Way to go for sticking up for yourself, Chris!" I'll bet he's upset at the idea of being suspended...he's so good in school. Guess this just has to be a learning lesson. But what was he supposed to learn? Just stand there while someone is hitting you? I don't blame you for giving him big hugs...I would too!

Glad isaac had a better day. You're right...can't wait to see the new pictures!!

Hang in there and take care!