We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Isaac fell asleep today on his BELLY! Just look at him...eating and snoozing....such a multi-tasker! He slept face down like that for about 2 hours!
Notice his new fish....isn't he SNAZZY! (looks kind of like pac man going to eat his face!)
AND....I lost his dog pacifier yesterday at the drug store...so, Joe had to make him a new one...now, he has a cute monkey again!
oh.....look at our creative selves...the fish and the monkey...what WON'T we do for our kids?
and here's Eli...this is what he was doing when I checked on him!
(I try all the time to get pics of Chris...but, he hides from me)

So...we didn't make it to church today. Eli's feeling better, Chris is still hacking on everyone, and Isaac started coughing last night! (but, he was also pulling at his ear again...we see Dr. Mayman on Tuesday and our ped on Friday...so, if he needs another round of antibiotics...they'll hook him up!)

Isaac is FINALLY getting another tooth!! It's tooth number 3..and it's on the top. I tried taking a picture of it...but, he doesn't cooperate! I took him off the O2 for half the day...and he did good, but he's still satting in the high 80s, low 90s....so, it was back on for the afternoon. (sorry Isaac)

**Heart baby update....Vaeh is home from surgery...and Drew is at Stanford now. Please keep Mr. Drew in your prayers...he's such a strong little guy!

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Mandy said...

Eli is such a nerd. And Isaac looks like he's getting so big. So, where are the glasses?? Are you hiding them???

Kathy said...

No...I'm not hiding the glasses...I told you that he's scratched them already. I don't think he can see very well through scratched up lenses!

Krista said...

You are just so creative...I love the pics...as always.

Isn't like 100 some in Vegas...you'd think those boys would be done with the nasties this time of year.

Sending lots of blessings your way!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can get a really big shield, the ones that pull down over the face, then he can be a space cadet. :) I crack myself up!!


Vanessa said...

You guys are so creative!

I just loved the picture of Isaac sleeping. And man..he sure is getting big and tall!

Hope you all get back to feeling better soon!

The Portas said...

Isaac is so handsome I can't stand it! I have to squeeze that boy.

I hope you all are feeling better! And tell Chris that he HAS to pose for the camera. We have to get our cutie Chris fix!!!


jencooper said...

Ugh - the ears. If you haven't already read my update - Gracie has another ear infection! Plus, there are some super-cute pics of a certain missy in her tutu!

The boys are such cuties. Thanks for sharing their pics with us!!


Colin's Blog said...

Isaac looks sooo good! That is great that he sleeps on his tummy-Colin has never done that!! Sorry we've been so bad with our blogging-Colin has been crabby. We're hoping it's his teeth!! And yes he's still on O2 at night.

cindy said...

Hi Kathy!
Sounds like you've had your hands full with those boys while I've been away! I hope Eli is still feeling better and...no ear infection allowed for Isaac!!! Praying for good health over there!!!


Kelly said...

Good luck at the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully it's no big deal and no ear infection. The fish tape is cute! You're very creative!

jmckeel said...

I LOVE your new fish friends! They are soooo cute :) Maybe you need to give your 2 brothers some vitamins; daily! Hope you all start feeling better real quick. Love, Abby

Anonymous said...