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Saturday, May 10, 2008

I didn't get any pics today...sorry!

But, I DID make it to Eli's t-ball game this morning...WITH the snacks! YEAH for Kathy!!!
AND...we made it to Christopher's basketball game on time!!! YEAH for Kathy again!!!

Nothing new to report with Isaac... He's doing great. I didn't even put him on the O2 last night. He only wretched once today. We're still working on getting up to full feeds...I have work to do!!! (Isaac's trying to catch up to Elijah in the chub department!!)

Happy Mother's Day to ALL OF YOU....Especially MY MOM! I'm the PERFECT mom because I learned everything from mine. She taught me:

**Patience--not that she had TONS for us as teenagers...but, TONS as kiddos
**the value of money--to not spend on things I didn't need, to not spend more than I had,
and to work hard at my job
**the value of an education--to always work hard in school...and finish college (even
though the diploma sits on the closet shelf)
**to love the beach--we were fortunate to have a place at the beach...we ALWAYS had family
weekends there...I miss it terribly now that I"M LAND LOCKED!
**to value family--to love ALL of my family members...no matter what dumb thing they do
or say...they are family...and deserving of my love
**my entrepreneurial spirit--I get that from my mom...and I LOVE IT!
**my dislike of seafood--is my mother's fault...for that fish market they decided to open
during my early teenage years that I was FORCED to work in and SMELL stinky fish all day!

I could go on and on...but, you get the idea. I think that I'm a pretty good mom...and I owe it all to my mom. SO...Happy Mother's Day mom...I LOVE YOU!!

I hope you are all spoiled today...get lots of love from your kids...and your husbands do SOME housework! (wouldn't that be a treat!)

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Mandy said...

Stop sucking up to mom!!!!! :)

We all know you are the favoriate child!!!

Have a happy mothers day and enjoy the day with your boys.

crabby old man said...

I enjoyed the post until it got to the part about me doing housework. I think ur a good mom with to much spare time.LOL

The Jones Family said...

Happy Mother's Day Kathy!

Grandma Judy said...

Thanks Kat for the comments......
Yes, I was the EVIL mom during your teenage years, but that's what I thought it took. But...it was your dad's idea about the fish market. You've got to admit, it was FUN giving all the fish to the little old people. Once Grandma Jeanne told the whole city that we gave away FREE fish to senior citizens, everyone came!

What little you might have learned from me, I learned from my mom, she from her mom, and on and on.
Thank goodness we are all strong women!

Have a GREAT day today, put a smile on your face, and keep on laughing.

I love you!

Dina said...

Thanks - hope you had a nice mother's day as well.


jencooper said...

Happy Mothers Day!! I hope that you were very spoiled and got to get some good loving on your kiddos!!


cindy said...

Happy Mother's Day Kathy! Hope you had a wonderful day, the kids spoiled you rotten and that Joe did some housework for you!!!!!

And Mandy...didn't you know today is the annual, official "suck up to Mom day"!! ;)



Samantha said...

Happy Mother's Day to one of the best mommy's around! I hope you had a fantastic day!!!

Love ya!

Vanessa said...

Happy Mother's Day! You are truely one of the best moms I know! :)



The Portas said...

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, you busy busy mama! You are an inspiration for the rest of us mamas.

Come on, Isaac, Elijah is waiting for you to catch up in the chub department. Now that he will (hopefully) start moving around soon, I think you can do it!

It's good to catch up on your weekend. Sorry to hear about mixing up the place/time for the game! That's something I would do! Oh well, it's not like you don't have a million other things to be thinking about.

Take care!! xoxox

gtninlv said...

You're not just a "pretty good mom." You're a GREAT mom and a GREAT example to all of us!
We love you,
PS Happy belated Mother's Day. Hope it was WONDERFUL!