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Monday, May 05, 2008

Cindy....go get Steph...here's my Christopher!!!
Really...who has a school picture that looks that good??
(and I have NO IDEA where he got his straight teeth from!!)
Master Eli is hard at work (I think that was Cartoon Network...he told me that those
games really teach kids a lot!!)
He's like a girl on the phone...he takes it all around the house, outside, upstairs...he walks non-stop while he's talking (I wonder where he gets that from??:))

NOW....my little Isaac started our morning throwing up (like 5 times before 10am)...it just makes me so sad...I don't know what's wrong with him. BUT....I'm copying Samantha and instead of JUST putting him on pedialyte...I'm mixing it with his milk (he's tolerated about half and half)....and he's kept it down all day!!! YEAH!! AND....without oxygen!!! I'm still putting it on him at night...so, that his little body can rest....but, It's so great walking around with him all day now!!! I've been waiting a LONG YEAR for this!!! I'm so excited!!!

So...this afternoon, after his little tummy started feeling better....he was sitting up for me! One time...he did it for about 5 MINUTES!!! OH my goodness...I don't know what's gotten into this man! Our physical therapist comes on Wednesday...she is NOT going to believe him!!!
Look...he can sit in his bumbo chair now!!! Still...only for about 5-10 minutes before he flings his head back...but, look at my man!
I've been really working on keeping the pacifier from him during the daytime....I gave in twice today...he's doing really well.
Look...no mommy hands! He's just busy watching "Go Diego Go"

Even with the crazy eyes...he's so freakin' cute! (he looks like an old man without the curl on top)
Look at those cheeks...watch out Elijah...Isaac's stealing your chub!
He's serious in this picture...I'm not sure what was on the tv....but, he's really paying attention.
Oh...he's pooped! But, right after he fell over...he was trying to sit up again (doing the sit ups)...I'm SO proud of him... Eli is almost as proud. He saw him sitting up today and said, "mom...he's not a baby anymore....he's a big boy! yeah for Isaac!"

So...that's about it. We just did a little grocery shopping, I actually made dinner (beef fajitas)...and loaded dishwasher....What a good day!

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The Jones Family said...

Beautiful Children!!

Krista said...

That is so totally exciting to see those pics of Isaac sitting up! Woo Hoo! He is just looking so much stronger and better...he is on the mend...watch out! Yeah for Isaac!

And...I am quite impressed with the school photo...he's going to get the girls next year...just you wait.

And..I'm so impressed with the mexican themed dinner on
Cinco-de-Mayo! You are such a with it momma!

Mandy said...

Cute pics of Isaac. Tell him great job. Now he can really play with Meghan. Oh, please tell Eli thanks for having a normal conversation with me today. It was great. And tell Chris great job on finally eating his food. :)

Kelly said...

What a show off! Kathy, he doesn't look good, he looks GREAT! Think of where he was six months ago, and now! He's adorable and is really working hard!

You better keep watch on Chris! He's a cutie! Eli's quite the handsome man too!

Yeah for progress... it makes it ALL worth it!

Vanessa said...

I am so proud of him. Thank you for the pictures...it makes my day! I bet your just so excited to have that O2 off...I hated when Arianna was attached to that all day.

I forgot to get her size. I'll take them tomorrow and email you.

Take care

Samantha said...

He looks terrific! What a big boy sitting up all on his own!!! I am so proud!!! You are an amazing mommy...you do so much during the day and then you even make dinner!!!

Chris looks precious! He will certainly be getting the girls attention next year!

Thanks for calling me yesterday...I am calling you back finally today...Micah had another seizure last night, so I was tending to that nonsense!

Talk to you soon!

Love ya!

The Portas said...

Oh my goodness, Isaac! You are awesome!! I just knew the sitting was right around the corner. He's getting so strong and even more handsome than ever. Those chubby cheeks are just adorable.

Speaking of handsome, CHRIS! You are so stinkin cute! Kathy, how does it feel being in a house full of gorgeous men?

I just loved all the pics...keep 'em coming! I hope Isaac has a good, throw-up free day today.

Grandma Susie said...

Kathy you were right - that's one of the best SCHOOL pictures I've ever seen - Chris is such a cutie!
Isaac is doing so good sitting up, he really does look like a little man, without his curl on top just sitting in his chair.
Tell Eli I'll call him back today, I love his pics too!!!

Grandma Judy said...

Chris is so cute because he looks like his Uncle James and Aunt Mandy. And we know who they look like ...

Isaac and Eli look like their dad....with ALOT of hair. Kat, looks like you will have to have a little girl to get a child that looks like YOU!

Isaac, tell mom you could sit up longer if you were holding some food.

jencooper said...

Amazing job Isaac!! Way to go buddy!! I am super proud of you. And I love the chub on the cheeks - although I miss the curl.

Chris looks so handsome. He is going to have the girls beating down your front door!

And I love the pics of Eli. What a cutie pie he is!

You are a lucky woman!!


crabby old man said...

what a nice looking set of boys.
May God bless You & Yours

Vaeh's Blog said...

What a handsome man! Look out girls, he's gonna be a heart breaker! He looks wonderful sitting up, & I'm sure he's gonna get stronger each day! I especially love the 'serious' picture - he looks like he's posing for a photo shoot for a layout in a magazine! What adorable little kids we have! Take care!


Colin's Blog said...

Yeah for Isaac sitting up! That is such a difficult thing for these heart babies!! Colin has issues with the full strength formula too. I think that's the cause of his fevers-not enough free fluid in his body. He has been chugging pedialyte like crazy the past few days!! We also put an ounce of pedialyte in every can of his food. Seems to help a little!! Love the pics of all the boys-what a wonderful family you have.

The Domanicos

cindy said...

I'm away from my computer for a couple days and look what I've been missing!!! I called Steph in and she said "why can't he be tall?" Kathy...Stretch him!!!! What a great picture. He has "surfer dude" hair that is just to-die-for!

Eli looks like he really is hard at work. Wonder how much he "learned"!!!

And, Mr Isaac....you know how much I love the crazy eyes! And..he looks so much older in the serious picture! You really do have a bunch of good-lookin' boys!

Off to research growth hormones.....


hayngrl101 said...

Wow, your boys are already gorgeous!!! k, mama, better get your stick ready cuz you're going to be beating the girls away with a big ol' stick!

The retching... Whaa. We never really figured out the problem when we experienced it, but after some reading, I guess our kids can have dysmotility problems. We still have them, but they're like every 3 or 4 mos. The gut just kinda sputters and takes a break, we get diaphretic, some gagging (we had a fundo redo), distended tummy... Diahrhea to move everything through usually fixes the problem. Anyway, just wanted to say that you're not alone with the mysterious retching.

Mandy said...

Kathy Roller....... update please!!!

love ya