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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I don't know what it is....but, these heart babies are just the CUTEST in the world!
So...this one is a little blurry...but, it's his personality...crazy eyes and crazy tongue!
Oh.....everyone can come over and just smooch under his little neck roll!!! (I'll share him!)

So...it appears that we're all getting together in Vegas in JULY!!! Everyone make the plans...I'll start cleaning now! (Because that's how long it will take!)

GUESS WHAT??? Isaac stayed off his O2 ALL DAY LONG today....and he's still in the mid-90s...so, I'm going to put him to bed without it and see how he does. It was so surreal today....taking him to the school and out and about WITH NO TUBES (well, except the feeding tube)...but, not HAVING to take the stroller and the O2 tank was just a miracle. Even if it was only for a day....we felt SO NORMAL! People talked to me more at Eli's school and his t-ball game....they just look and stare when they see the oxygen (like he's contagious....EEWWW...I'm going to let me baby breathe on your baby and then yours won't be able to breathe...) those are the kinds of looks I get. I'm glad he only has one head and 2 arms....or could you imagine the looks??

I TOTALLY forgot that Eli had a tball game tonight....BUT, we made it and he had a blast....but, that also meant that it was Kraft Mac-n-cheese for dinner (sorry kids....and Joe!).

I was rushing Eli to take a bath tonight so that we could do a little homework....and he looked at me and said, "mom....your heart is like a black tornado!" Can you believe that he said that to me....I was talking a little harsh to him...but, he wasn't moving. I'll black tornado his little backside (not really...but, urrghh...stinker!)

Hope everyone has a GREAT Thursday!!!

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Mandy said...

You're such a nerd. And you can tell you're up late. You misspelled some words and had other typos. :) I love you!!

Glad to see Isaac is feeling better and has decided to breath correctly.

Just let me know the dates in July and I'll be the babysitter. It will be fun. I'm sure you'll have a blast if you moms can meet up and have a girls night out. But beware everyone, Kathy will take you shopping. YOU WILL leave Vegas with an extra suitcase or two.

Teresa said...

Kathy, as I think back when you were a little girl, YOUR mom could NOT "black tornado" your backside, either! And that was when spanking was not such a bad thing!!! Not that you needed it!!!

Glad things are going well with you and your family!

Teresa West

The Portas said...

YES, our heart babies ARE the cutest in the world! Great pics. Isaac, your neck roll is starting to rival the Great Neck Roll of Elijah!

Ok, see you in July!

YAYAYAYAYAY on no O2! I will pray that keeps up. I can't believe people treat you that way when you have an oxygen tank with you. That's horrible! When Elijah had a helmet for his flat head for a while (before we threw it away!) we got quite the looks from people. I would stare back and smile with an I'M PROUD OF MY BOY AND HIS CUTE HELMET smile. People!!

You guys have a great Thursday, too! Black tornado? ELI! Be nice to your wonderful mama!

Grandma Susie said...

Isaac is adorable and his neck roll is really inviting - I would smooch him all day long if I were there!
Eli is so funny . . . where in the world did he hear about a black tornado and how does he put it in a "behavior" perspective?
I'm excited that you will be meeting up with the heart moms in July - let me know if you need help, we'er here for ya.

Tina said...

Yea for the no O2! Makes life so much easier & closer to normal when you don't have to take a medical equipment store with you! We didn't go out much when Vaeh had the O2 on, so we didn't get stares for that, but we do get stares for her feeding tube! Like, what's wrong with YOUR kid? I tend to ignore them.

Yes, our heart babies are the cutest in the world! And that little Isaac is just bubbling with personality! Those eyes speak volumes!

Colin's Blog said...

I completely understand about the
O2!! Now that Colin doesn't have it on during the day we get "how cute" instead of "awww poor baby!" It's so annoying. I just wanted to scream haven't you ever seen anyone with O2 on their face before???

Glad to hear that Isaac's sats are good!! Keep it up Isaac!!

Samantha said...

Looks like you have an author on your hands...was that a metaphor or a simile...oh well...I forgot, but it is certainly something!

Yay for no O2 yesterday...way to go Isaac!!!

I am so in with coming to Vegas in July! You tell us the date, and we will be there...of course, it is Micah's and my bday's so we will have to work around that too ;) Don't worry about cleaning the house...our house is not neat EVER!!!

Don't you love the looks you get when your kid has something different? We get that now with the feeding tube (actually we got that a lot with the ng tube when he was first born too).

Glad that you had fun at tball...I think that tball is so fun to watch these little ones play...Micah cannot wait to play...he just sits and dreams about it while Noah is playing!

Have a great day!!!

Love ya!

Grandma Judy said...

Kathy, you have so few "Black Tornado" moments. I guess Eli just thought he should point out when you DID have one. He is VERY sensitive at times.

I guess he is still watching alot of TV.. Where else would he have seen the Black tornado.?

jencooper said...

So, do I get to crash this Vegas party??

Yea for no oxygen!! That is amazing. I hope that you had a great day again today!

I am sorry - but I LOVE the back tornado comment. That is some funny, funny stuff. That kid has a future in comedy!


cindy said...

Yea for the no oxygen! Sending lots of positive vibes for him to enjoy a "free" night! No misbehaving!

That Eli is so funny. We all need to start a book and just keep adding things to it!! It would be a best seller! (Chris and Steph could add their snotty teenager stuff, too!!)

Very cute pics! What a sweetie!!

Have a great night!!!