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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Can you guess who the BEST baby-sitter is??
Joe and I went out for a few hours and left the boys home...
this is what we came back home to...
how precious!
look at both of their goofy faces!

still goofy...
and his cheeks are still red (his legs and arms have cleared up)...
he just slobbers so much, I can't keep his face clear!

ok...did ANYONE go to the Finish Line (besides Tasha...we already spoke)...and get your
Crocs for only $4.98?? Well, the day after I posted it, they were all sold out online.
Tasha, the smarty pants that she is, found some in an actual store for that price.
SO, I took Mandy (my sister, and bargain shopping buddy) to another
Finish Line store...and JACKPOT...we found MORE!
and today, we were at the outlets and the Croc store there has them on clearance for $10...some
as low at $2.00.
Here are the two newest ones I got...
Red Mickey Mouse for Eli and Green Wall-e for Isaac
(they were regular $29.99--and I got them for $4.98!)
I think they are going out of business...
so, if you still want some...find a store near you!

I've always been a bargain hunter...but, the last few months I've gotten better...
and THEN...learned TONS of new tricks from Wendy's class and
other's blogs...
and in about two months...this is how my food storage has grown.
I don't can potato pearls and beans...my kids would die before they ate that stuff.
We've always had a food storage of food that they eat....mac c cheese, soups, ravioli, cereal, pop tarts....just junk really.
But...my kitchen cabinets are full, the shelves in the closet under my stairs are full, and
here's an extra room upstairs...FULL! Nothing in this room cost over a dollar...all bargain shopping at it's best!
(even that dancing Brobee...regular $35.00, I got on clearance at Target for $6.00!)
and you know that my freezer is still full of Turkeys when I got them for $5.00!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some bargains!

oh...and the kids are good. I...on the other hand...feel a little snotty and sore throat. (hope it passes with lots of benadryl tonight!)

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Mandy said...

It's way past your bedtime missy. Just incase you don't post tomorrow.......


I hope you liked the house. (I'm going to decorate it while he's at church!) :)

We love you all and Kat, we'll continue our shopping Monday!

Lee Family said...

I love you food storage, I am going to have to come over your house to store mine, I have no room. I guess I will starts storing underneath the bed. You do have way more than I do but if I had the room I could do more.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Mami Adame said...

Isaac looks so grown up in his jeans! Too cute! Crocs did an outlet sale out here too. We stocked up on a pair for everyone, except Angelina- they didn't have small enough ones. Wow, we could go shopping in your storage room! you are so good!

The Portas said...

Look at you, Miss Bargain Shopper. My mother-in-law is like that, too, and I wish I would be more like that. I always feel so crunched on time that I don't search much for the bargains. You have inspired me, though, and I will start to be more conscious of it. :)

I'm so glad you and Joe got out for a bit. What a good babysitter Eli is! ooxo