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Friday, February 27, 2009


Go to A Thrifty Mom.com...she has a link to coupons for $3 and $5 off Huggies!  Holy Cow...I've printed off 2 of each on each of my 4 computers....I'm buying Huggies this weekend!!!  WHOO HOO!!!


I took Isaac to the peds to get his blood drawn.  TWO hours later...NO BLOOD!!!  Mix ups with the tubes LabCorp gave me, phone calls, three pokes...only for him to tell me that maybe he just doesn't have any good veins and we should do an art stick in a few weeks ....ahhh...do you think?  Don't you think that I knew that and suggested that FIRST???

I don't know.  I may just hold off on all these labs.  They're just checking his t cells, lymphocytes, if he's ready for live vaccines yet....all things that we know are low and we can't change...we're just looking at the newest numbers.  It just broke my heart today watching him get held down and poked again.  I don't like it...at all.

I should have taken a picture of my grocery run tonight...but, with those coupons and a few more, I was able to buy:  2 gallons of milk, 2 packages of Huggies, 1 pepsi, 10 lunchables, and 1box of Raisin Bran....all for $21. (and that was using my $3 diaper coupons...not the $5)!!!  What a way to end the stinky day!

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Lee Family said...

I am sorry about little Isaac hopefuly you can get tha blood done another time.
Also did not see you at the Heart walk missed you there.

Girl I have alot of great deals I come across everyday, I belong to www.refundcents.com of course I do pay for this but it is well worth it. Also did you get all my emails on some good deals???

A Thrifty Mom said...

Sorry to hear about the bad lab day! Hey WAIT TO BUY DIAPERS if you live neat a walgreens they are suppose to have a great coupon sale the week of march 8th...Making them over half off with register rewards and coupons.....I can't wait to get all the details.