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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mr. Isaac was playing in his high chair tonight while I was cooking...
I added a little thickener to his milk
(thanks again Kelly!)...
and he dumped it all out!
Here's Eli...
"mom...I spilt a little milk...could you hand me a paper towel?"
Does this look like a little milk??
I said, "Eli...how much milk is left in the cup?"
"Oh...a bunch!  Only a little fell out!"
and what to do about this nest on the back of Isaac's head???
I brush his hair all during the day..
but, where he's rolling around all day...
a bird is going to fly in the house and start laying eggs in there!
I did clean up the spilt milk (from both boys).  You know...it's funny how you change over the years.  When Christopher was little and made a mess with milk...I probably started screaming and rushed over the clean the mess.  Now...I take out the camera.  (I'm not like that with all messes....like my sweet niece touching everything in the house with her ice cream fingers...)  But...I have learned what to get upset about...and what's not really worth the effort.  If I yelled about every cup that Eli turned over....oh...my...you'd hear me ALL DAY LONG (because Eli is one clumsy kiddo!)  Ok...somedays...you'll hear me anyway...when they've all used up all my nerves...(I am not perfect...by any means)

Isaac did drink a few sips after the spill...then, held his head back for about five minutes to make sure that it all went down.   He still isn't doing well in the high chair.  It's hard to explain how he uses gravity to swallow...he's not really doing it with his mouth muscles.  That's why the bouncy seat works.

He (Isaac) has new bumps on his belly.  I thought they were from him scratching his tummy...but, there are a few new ones that are on his chest now....BONKERS...he's driving me BONKERS with his fair, sensitive, fragile skin!  His cheeks turned bright red again today...and so did the legs.  (I know...I'll take him tomorrow to get some blood drawn--it just makes me sad...they'll need to do an art stick...and that just hurts him:(

I'm feeling much better...thanks for asking.
Still stuffy...but, feeling better. 
I just put the big boys to bed...now, I will take control of the television....night night gabba gabba!

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Lee Family said...

OMG Logan's hair gets the same way I comb that boys hair twice a day because he is scooting all over the place on his back. How funny.

Mami Adame said...

Hope you can get some rest! Hopefully your little night owl goes to sleep (early) and stays asleep for you!
By the way detangler spray- my BFF! You've seen Angelina's hair ;)

Sarah said...

I'm probably not any help but... I have horrible horrible skin and have had since I was little. I can only use ALL detergent (no scent), Downey softner (plain, no scent) and Aveeno no scent soap and lotion. If I come near or touch anything else my skin turns into an ugly mess. When we were in the hospital with Evan you should have seen me.

The Portas said...

I hope you got lots of good rest last night. You deserve it, lady!

Today is the blood draw day?? :( I will say a little prayer RIGHT NOW that it is as quick and painless as possible. Poor little guy...

Have a good day! Oh, the "tiny" bit of spilled milk cracked me up. Oh Eli... :)

Tina:0) said...

I'm the same way with messes that Vaeh & Gabby make now vs. when Gabby was a baby!! I'm just so happy that Vaeh's eating that I really don't care about the mess!

I agree with Ana about the detangler spray. The entire back of Vaeh's head used to look like that until she became upright & mobile. She still has that slight muss in the mornings until we brush that rats nest out!

Glad you're feeling better! Sounds like they need to invent sanitizer that goes through the internet... I think we've all been sharing our germs via the computer!