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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

We went to see the peds today (which...I just LOVED him..by the way). All the bumps...and nothing's wrong with Isaac. He said it must have been some kind of virus and now it's just residual bumps. They should go away this week...if not, we head back in. I tried to take a picture...but, he can't be still! (and you can see the red face is still there)

I just wanted you to see how Isaac sleeps...
like a taco...
all folded up.

and here is Mr. Man watching a little television while being fed....

he just wanted to show you that he can still find those feet!
ok...you wouldn't be reading about the Rollers...unless you expected some DRAMA. So, here we go:
I get back from the peds, pick up my boys from Mandy's house, and we're home. I ask Chris to start Eli's bath water, tell Eli to get in the bath, Chris needs to start his homework, while I start Joe's dinner and start Isaac's feeds. Well, Joe walks in. Eli comes downstairs. I scream.."Eli..why aren't you in the bath?" RUN Eli RUN! Joe...what's that noise?? Well, it would appear that water was falling through the ceiling onto the floor. The bathtub OVER-filled and our bathtub is over our living room. Hence, our bedroom flooded and I had to put bowls all over the living room to catch the falling water.

Seriously. Why don't we have a reality tv show?? Writers couldn't come up with the junk that goes on in our lives!!!

So..I call the insurance company. Luckily, we're covered, an adjuster will come out...Joe's pulled up the flooring in our bathroom (it was carpet...yuck)...and NOW...I HAVE TO CLEAN MY ROOM because some strange man will need to come and evaluate it!

Calgon take me away...


just take me!

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Mandy said...

Everyone... it was really much more funnier in person!!

See ya in the morning Kat.

Teresa said...

All I can say is "OMG"! Hang in there!!!

Mami Adame said...

Wow! but you know i did see you make the statement you had another boring day last week! You should have knocked on wood! I love the pics of Isaac! Do the spots bug him at all, are they itchy? He is too cute! And the video you posted- I love it! I just wanted to squeeze and hug him! Well I hope you are staying dry!

The Portas said...

Oh my. I'm sending in an application for you guys to have your own show. Sorry you have to deal with the water stuff. Hopefully everything gets fixed up quickly!!

I'm glad the rash went away. Now, no new ailments, Isaac! He looks so cute doing his little taco sleeping. So stretchy, like gumby!

Have a good day.....xoox

Tina:0) said...

We need to get together & have a drama-free zone for about a month, huh?! (LoL)

Glad the rash isn't anything serious. Hopefully things calm down for you all soon:0)

sue and shay said...

What a crazy day. SO who is in trouble for the bathtub incident? Wow would I hate to be one of your big kids this week. Hope the rash goes away I hear a lot of virus that have fevers for a while and then break out in a rash. So glad it is nothing heart related. Hope you have a better day today!

Andrea said...

Oh my gosh! You should have your own show! At least you all have good attitudes about everything!

Grandma Judy said...

Rule #1: Have the boys take their bath in their tub.

Rule #2: Have Joe install a sensor on the tub that alarms when it gets 3/4 full.

Rule #3: Sit back and laugh! Only in the ROLLER house! ! ! !

cindy said...

No way! I can only imagine!! One word of advice...if you're going to have your Calgon moment, keep an eye on the water!! ;)

Love ya!

Vanessa said...

OMG! You poor thing.