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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I'm going to get it...yeah....my lotion bottle!
Well...wouldn't you know it. You threaten to draw blood and his fever MAGICALLY disappears! His last dose of Motrin was yesterday at 4pm...and he's been fine ever since!!!

no blood draws for us!

We found Eli's glasses! ok...well, Brittany found them at her house. Thank goodness! (They've been lost for over a week now) oopps!

Today when I picked up the big kids from school...they wanted to go to Denny's for FREE GRAND SLAM day! So, we go. AND...every kid from the high school was there! The line was SO long, and can you believe that they gave the kids coupons to come back another day for their free Grand Slam. How cool! So, tomorrow after school, we'll try again.

Mark (speech therapist) comes over tomorrow. It's kinda sad though...Isaac hasn't been eating very well because of that darn fever...so, I don't have any new tricks to show off.

I did hear from our home health people (the ones that bring Isaac's feeding pump supplies). Well, we decided to start adding the "simply thick" to his liquids to help start the process of him learning to drink. AND...our stinkin' insurance doesn't cover it. (i do hope it isn't very expensive) Is is Kelly??
ebay...here I come!

Other than that....just another boring day at our house.

oh...and my stinkin' (that's my word for the day) nephew, Seth, told me yesterday that I should clean up my house...it was too dirty.
he's grounded!

that's all.

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Vanessa said...

So glad to hear the fever is gone! I think sometimes we just have to scare our kids into getting better.

Sarah said...

LOL... you should have put him to work. Yeah for the fever being gone. I didn't make it to Grand Slam day :(

The Portas said...

Oh Seth...come to my house and you'd have a lot more to say!

I want to join you for your Grand Slam Day! YUMMMM!

I'm so happy to hear the fever vanished. Good! Yay! Awesome! Fevers are yucky...

Have a good day, guys! Xxoox

Rachel said...

Glad the fever is gone. Wonder what it was?

Always praying and thinking of you guys!


hayngrl101 said...

The 'thick-it' isn't that expensive... can I send you mine that I no longer use?

Kelly said...

Hey Kathy! OMG! I can't belive the mess with the bathtub. You poor thing!

Glad the rash is not a concern and he's feeling better. We just can't figure these kids out sometimes! =)

The Simply Thick... yah, not covered under insurance. I've got a little over half a box left if you want to try it out. I bought the "honey" consistancy (NOT made with honey, just the name of it) 100 packets for about $49.99 a box, then shipping. So, we spent about $60 every 2/3 months. Depends how much you'll need in each bottle. I think I have your address around here, I'll get that sent out to you. =)