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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I just watched Idol...

I'm trying to watch Lost...

we're just trying to get our Late Night Owl (Isaac) to go to sleep.   It's 10:00, and he's still kicking and playing and laughing LOUD!

Isaac worked hard today for his pt...but, was quite the stinker and didn't want to work too hard.

I found the GREATEST blog for bargain shoppers, coupon moms, a place full of deal...

A Thrifty Mom...and here's the best part...She's a Heart mom too!  
So, do yourselves a favor, add her to your bloglist and check her tips often!!!

Eli has a kid at school that's been playing a little too rough with him.  So much so, that I had to talk to his teacher about it today.  Well, it happened again today...after the talk.  But, Eli won't tell the teacher when he hits him.  He did tell his sweet little friend, Olivia,  and she chased him away the other day.

Chris wanted to try out for the swim team...but, got a little nervous.  So, I signed him up for the swim team at the rec center.  I think that will be great practice for this year.

We signed Eli up for soccer and Seth (my nephew that now lives here) signed up too...so, maybe they will be on the same team.

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Sarah said...

Poor Eli... Evan has had a hard week too... maybe I'll blog about it. Kids can be so mean.

Sarah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

Thanks for the post... Yesterday we were in the ER for over 5 hours, he was having an "off" day and really blue. Today little Matthew has a Houlter monitor on for 24 hours. Each day with our heart kids is a day to be thankful for....Take care!

The Portas said...

Sorry to hear someone's not being so nice to Eli. I just hate that kids can be so mean. :(

Sounds like a pretty low-key day for you guys, yay!! Hoping for another today..xoox