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Sunday, February 22, 2009

OK...you're probably NOT suppose to take your camcorder to church..
but....I was sick today and Eli had a talk in primary...
SO, Joe recorded his talk...
and it was SO DARN CUTE.
If you can't hear it very well, the topic was:
"Heavenly Father sent me to Earth to be with a family":

While the big boys and Joe were at church, Mandy came over and decorated the house for him! (he loved it Mandy). We had a pretty laid back weekend...with not too much drama.

I had to hold Isaac down tonight to cut his CRAZY long fingernails! Of course, he screamed his head off, and turned blue for about a good five minutes...but, they had to be cut. He keeps scratching his belly (it looks like he's playing the guitar)...and he has little cuts on his belly now from all that scratching. THEN, he's sucking on his index finger, and it's dried up and cracking really bad. SO, I put Neosporin on it and then covered it with a band aid. Except, he choked on the band aid when he sucked on his finger and it came off. (Do you think it's mean to put those little infant mittens on his hands to save him from himself?)

Mark (speech therapist), told me to order some "jigglers" for Isaac. They are these little vibrators to put in his mouth. Isaac will play with it for a little while, but I've seen that thing in Eli's mouth more than Isaac's mouth!

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Mandy said...

Missy, you never once told me Eli was giving the talk at church today. I would have gone with him! :)

Sorry we missed Tacos for lunch but the kids would have just drove Joe crazy. I promise I'll take the decorations down this week.

Have a great evening.

Amber said...

That was way too cute!!!! Very sweet....

Teresa said...

Eli's talk was just adorable! I am CTR 6 teacher this year and I love me some Primary, but..... ours is WAY noisier than yours! LOL!

Grandma Judy said...

Tell Eli we are so PROUD of him.
Grandma Kitty Cat will be very happy to hear about this!

Grandma Susie said...

Yeah Eli!!! That was an excellent talk . . . thanks so much for posting it for us Kathy. Can't wait to see you all in March.

T n T - K n K said...

That was just about the cutest little Eli ever. And he was so heartfelt about every word! You should be so proud of your little MAN!

T n T - K n K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mami Adame said...

Eli is soooo cute! You must be sooo proud! We've tried those jiggler things for Angelina...still working on just the out side of her face or her holding them in her hand to get use to them. But your right, lil Alex is always trying to show her how to do it!

The Portas said...

Oh Eli...so sweet. And how sweet of Joe to tape it for you. :)

We have to stay on top of cutting Elijah's fingernails because he pokes around inside his belly button so much. It gets so red and raw...icky. Maybe I'll give him a thimble for belly button time. :)

Hope you are feeling better, Kathy!

Lee Family said...

You crazy girl you are not supposed to take your camcorder or Camera to Church. I am surprised they let you record.
Eli did a great job it is a little hard to understand him, But that takes alot of courage to stand in front of everyone. Great Job Buddy.

A Thrifty Mom said...

No way I did not know you LDS....me too. What a small little world we live in. Thanks for all your links to my blog, every little bit helps.

A Thrifty Mom
Sarah Barrand