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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


i forgot....what???
You KNOW that I LOVE hats...and it was just chilly enough this week to put one on Isaac!

We saw Dr. Baron today (our gi doc). In 4 months, my man has gained 1/2 a pound!! YEAH for Isaac! He's still on Isaac's curve...not the "regular kid" growth curve...but, steady on his own curve (which is WELL below normal). He saw all of Isaac's eczema patches and told me to GET to Dr. McKnights (immunologist) office..he thinks the patches are because of some allergy. (you now they're going to want BLOOD!) So, we got into see that doc on Thursday.


Joe and I got our P90X on tonight. I almost made it the whole way through...whoo hoo!
(I just want to eat a bowl of cereal now...but, I won't LeeAnn...I'm trying to be good). for now.

Eli and I went to his school early this morning (like I don't have enough to do)...and we donated books to the library, then I walked Eli to his class, he picked out the shiniest chair to sit in...and was in heaven!

Chris...went to scouts tonight, didn't get on my nerves today...Job well done Chris!!!

ahhh...I have to ask questions about social security and medicaid...but, I'm pooped...so, remind me tomorrow (because I forget!)

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Mandy said...

Sweet. So we can go shopping all day wednesday. Everyone, we are having a blast chillin with the rollers daily! Yep.... My sister has to see me everyday now. :)

Grandma Judy said...

Those little eyes say it all....

crabby old man said...

enjoyed the pictures, what do U do with all of that spare time.

Rachel said...

OH my he is so cute with those little glasses on. I love little kiddo's in glasses. Two of my boys wear them and I just think they are adorable

The Portas said...

The little outfit and hat and glasses....I want to reach through my monitor and squeeze on him!!

I'm glad you're getting the red patches checked out. Hopefully they can miraculously determine what they are without taking blood!

Have a good, quiet, appointment-less day! oxoox

Lee Family said...

I think Isaac needs to go see a Dermatoligist, Logan did and it has really helped with his eczema. Let me know what happens. Good Luck