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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gracie and Bennett...
The boys (ok...Eli) LOVED the bears!
Why is Eli smiling?

I don't know?

How sweet looking are we??
So...Eli has twin bears. Isaac wouldn't touch them!

Isaac's little rash is getting so much better. The spots on his legs are almost gone...the face is getting better. (the wonder cream in working!) Nora and Nicole (our pt and dev. specialist) come over tomorrow...I hope Nora brings the "stander" for Isaac. (it's this contraption that you strap him to in a standing position to "force" pressure on those feet)

Moment to tear you up:

We were on our way to scouts tonight. Chris was telling me that he isn't sure if he'll go on a mission. Explaining that he just wants to finish college...put a rush on things.

So, Chris gets out of the car and Eli tells me that he wants to go on a mission for 10 years. Then, he tells me how much he loves to read the scriptures.
me: Well, which scriptures are you reading?
Eli: The big one. The Holy Bible!
me: What have you been reading about?? (because, seriously...how much can a 6 year old read?)
Eli: Oh, I'm on chapter two already.
Me: And..do you understand what you're reading??
Eli: Oh yes. I'm reading about how the earth was made. It was light and he said we will call this day and when it is dark we will call it night. And he planted a garden and it needs to grow.

and he just went on and on for about 15 minutes.

**NOW...we were so good about reading the scriptures nightly with the kids. Just a chapter a night...to read it and then interpret it's meaning. But, after having Isaac, we haven't been so diligent. Eli is seriously reading the Bible and understanding it's words. I DON"T even understand it sometimes without reading it multiple times. I am in complete shock. Eli is an avid reader (he gets this from Joe)...but, I knew he loved reading the scriptures. We got him a new set for Christmas. He carries them around the house. He has a book light and he carries it to bed every night with a book...but, I can't believe him. I couldn't be prouder of him. So Ana...here's your answer. Just buy a regular Bible...and let Marcelina read away (just be ready to be the interpreter!) Let me know if you want me to send you one like we got Eli.

Chris...I'm still working on that one. I'm not worried yet...he has 3 years to think about a mission. How lucky are we that he happily goes to seminary every morning...baby steps..baby steps.

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Mandy said...

Eli was really in a good mood because he got his Seth break today. :) And why was Eli up so late tonight?? He has school tomorrow!!

Make sure you plan out our shopping trip for this weekend. I'll be back late Thursday night so I'll see you Friday. Take care and don't cry too much. I know you are going to go into shock not seeing me for two days straight! :)

Vanessa said...

Eli is such a good little boy. That is awesome that he is reading his bible. I really need to start reading the Bible to Arianna. I'm just hoping to get back into church soon.

Oh by the way, you would be so proud of me. I took Arianna to 3 stores today. :) I've decided I cannot live in fear anymore. I know its RSV season but she has her shots and it's not like I'm going to rub her up against every sick person I see. My little baby needs to get out and see the world a bit. :)

Isaac...what can I say about him besides he is SO ADORABLE! I just want to go smooch on his little cheecks. Which by the way, they are looking great!

The Portas said...

CUTE video!! Isaac certainly did not want anything to do with that bear! :)

Eli...aawwwwww, what a good heart he has. That is so wonderful. And such a good little reader, too! I'm so impressed.

I hope Isaac gets some good standing practice today. Have a great day! oxox

Grandma Susie said...

Okay, I'm in tears now . . . Isaac is growing up so fast - he and Eli look so grown up in the video. I love the interaction between them.
Eli was a delight to talk to on the phone, he really knew what he was reading in the first two chapters of the bible and explained it well. I'm so glad he loves to read. They both just makes me happy!!!

Lee Family said...

That is so great that Eli is reading the Scriptures and understands what he is reading, My gilrs have no clue....
Now we have to work on Chris and getting him to go on a mission :)

Have a great week, when I get to feeling better we must do a playdate.

Lots of hugs Karen

Larsens said...

your boys are so cute! It was so fun to hear you accent again too. I love the adversion to the bear. Isaac seems like such a sweetheart, but then again all your boys are.